POP UP YOGA is a dynamic flow of asanas combined with uplifing beats, body mudras, breathing practices and fun. Our changing locations will surprise you - yoga in an art gallery, a nightclub, in the park or on a rooftop. Come and share your flow practice with us!

Generally classes are taught in swiss german. However, we are more than happy to do the class in english.

Please always register for class and bring your own mat.


POP UP YOGA-  Vinyasa Flow-  60, 75 or 90 min-  25 chf

Get in contact with us for more information on locations, workshops, private classes or yoga style.

For general enquiries, classes and workshops contact Deddou.


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Please arrive 10 min before class and factor in some extra time to find the location.

single class: 25 chf or class card: ABO- 7 classes or ULTRA ABO - 12 classes

Special: If you now buy a new POP UP YOGA Class Card you get a voucher for the spa or any treatment
7ner Abo: 10 chf gift voucher orUltra Abo (12er Abo): 20 chf gift voucher

Classes & Prices

Please register for classes HERE - and bring your own mat.

Mondays         7.30 pm Rooftop Yoga with Deddou, 90 min, Rooftop in ZH
Tuesdays         7.30 pm Rooftop Yoga with Marlene, 90 min, Rooftop in ZH
Wednesdays   7.30 am Morning Flow with Deddou, 60min, Gärtnerei ZUG
Mittwoch       7.30 pm Rooftop Yoga with Deddou, 90 min, Rooftop in ZH
Thursdays   7.30 pm Rooftop Yoga, 90 min, Rooftop LADY's FIRST*

*We are sorry, but this location is only accessible to women.


POP UP YOGA schliesst sich diesen Sommer mit den Alnatura Bio-Supermärkten zusammen. Gemeinsam zelebrieren wir den Sommer mit dem "Alnatura Sommer Yoga" und führen Yogalektionen an aussergewöhnlichen Orten in Zürich durch.


AUSGEBUCHT: SA 25. Juni - Sommer Yoga mit Alnatura 10.30 Uhr (90min): Fischers Fritz, Seestr. 559, 8038 ZH
MI 29. Juni - Sommer Yoga mit Alnatura 19.30 Uhr (90min): Treffpunkt Empfang, Pfingstweidstrasse 101, 8005 ZH
MO 4. Juli - Sommer Yoga mit Alnatura 19.30 Uhr (90min): The Artisan, Nordbrücke 4, 8037 Zürich
SA 9. Juli - Sommer Yoga mit Alnatura 10.30 Uhr (90min): Fischers Fritz, Seestr. 559, 8038 ZH
FR 15. Juli - Sommer Yoga mit Alnatura 19.30 Uhr (90min): Migros Terrasse 4.Stock (Limmatplatz), Limmatstr. 152, 8004 ZH

HIER kannst du dich anmelden.

Die Abendlektionen beginnen jeweils um 19.30 Uhr & die Morgenlektionen um 10.30 Uhr. Alle Lektionen finden nur bei schönem Wetter statt.

Die Stunden dauern 90 Minuten, sind sowohl für Anfänger als auch für Fortgeschrittene geeignet und kosten CHF 25.-. Von diesem Betrag spendet Alnatura CHF 15.- an die Organisation Womensteps, welche sich für ein selbstbestimmtes, gleichberechtigtes und würdevolles Leben von Frauen auf der ganzen Welt einsetzt.

Nach dem Yoga schenkt dir Alnatura ausserdem einen tollen Goodie-Bag.

Bitte melde dich frühzeitig HIER an und bringe eine eigene Yogamatte mit. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt. Bitte den Betrag von 25 chf in bar mitnehmen. Mehr Infos findest du HIER...












Morning Yoga in Zug

Every Wednesday Morning from 7.30 - 8.30am
incl. a hot beverage and a breakfast to go

Summer season has started and we are no longer practicing yoga on Saturday at 11.15am in Zug. Instead, we changed the location and timing and will now flow in the middle of the week on Wednesday mornings in the center of Zug at Gärtnerei. And the best thing: After the yoga class you get a delicious breakfast and hot beverage to go. What better way to start your day and boost your energy for the rest of the week?

Please bring your own mat and register for this class HERE.

Date: every Wednesday from 7.30 - 8.30am
Price: 30 chf (incl. a breakfast and hot beverage to go)
Location: Gärtnerei, Poststrasse 24, 6300 Zug



BEcause we love the open sky

1st June - 31th August: Rooftop Yoga from Mondays to Thursdays

The POP UP YOGA rooftop season starts again on 1st June and we flow from Mondays to Thursdays on different rooftops in Zürich under the open sky.

Locations: Find new locations every week HERE

Classes only take place when the weather is good - if you are unsure, check your weather app or visit us on FACEBOOK for updates. We will let you know around 2pm in the afternoon if we have to cancel the class.

Time: 19.30 - 21.00
Price: 25 chf or with POP UP YOGA class card
Locations: Different Rooftops in the city of Zürich

Please always register for your spot online and bring your own mat.



Morgen YOga im tibits

Jeden zweiten Montag lädt das schöne "Blüemlizimmer" im NZZ bistro zum Yoga machen ein und belohnt danach die fleissigen Yogis. Bitte melde dich für das Morgen Yoga frühzeitig an, indem du dein Ticket online kaufst.
So steht einem energiegeladenen und genussvollen Start in den Tag nichts mehr im Wege!

Daten: 13. Juni 2016 / 27. Juni 2016 / 11. Juli 2016 / 25. Juli 2016 / 8. August 2016 / 22. August 2016

Location: tibits im NZZ bistro, Falkenstr. 14, 8008 Zürich
Zeit: 7.30 - 8.30am
Anmeldung: Bitte im Voraus HIER buchen
Preis: Yoga und Frühstück: 39 chf, für tibits Mmmmembers 25 chf




Focus on STructural Alignment

with Guest Teacher Prashant Tewatia (India)

On Wednesday 13th July we have a special guest teacher from India at POP UP YOGA teaching an introductory class followed by a workshop that will go deeper into the topic. 

Firstly, in the introductory class Prashant (India) will give you a clear and essential foundation in yoga asana (Iyengar Method), concentrating on physical alignment and the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Prashant will introduce you to his teachings based on the B.K.S Iyengar methodology, combined with a deep knowledge of Pranayama and Moving Meditation.

Whether you are new to Yoga or looking to deepen a well established practice, Prashant's individual approach will ensure that you settle into the practice with ease and at your own pace.

Date: Wednesday 13th July from 19.30 - 21.00
Location: tbc - rooftop in Zürich
Price: 35 chf

Please bring your own mat and register HERE.


Introduction to Yoga & Chi Gung

This 3 hour weekend workshop is an introduction to Yoga & Chi Gung. It suits anyone who wants a good grounding in the basics and experience different forms of movement and breath. We will look in detail at the most common poses, and link some together with rhythmic breathing.

During this workshop you get a clear and essential foundation in yoga asana (Iyengar Method), while concentrating on physical alignment and the therapeutic benefits of yoga via the use of props and supports.

You will imitate a tiger, a bird and more animals through slow and specific movements, and also integrate their personalities and qualities.

Date: Sunday 17th July from 10.00 - 13.00
Location: Gobinde Yoga Studio, Kernstr. 25, 8004 ZH
Price: 75 chf

Please bring your own mat and register HERE.




1 week holistic Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat with Deddou in Goa (India)

26. September - 2. October 2016

In this holistic Yoga and Ayurveda retreat on the peaceful Divar Island in Goa India we find deep replenishment for our being. We will pamper your body and spirit with 2 ayurvedic treatments and 2 yoga classes a day, delicious vegetarian Ayurvedic food and dreamy walks and idyllic bike rides on the island. This week is designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your body and refresh and relax your spirit through the wisdom of the two ancient sister sciences from India: Yoga and Ayurveda.

Included in the package:

  • 6 nights at Devaaya Ayurveda Nature & Cure Center
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation sessions with Deddou Burkhard
  • Full diet (Vegetarian or Ayurvedic Food)
  • Daily Doctor’s consultation
  • Daily Ayurvedic Therapy
  • Free use of Sauna/Steam Bath /Jacuzzi
  • Well appointed A/C room, with TV
  • Transfers to & from Goa airport to the Centre (69kms)
  • Complimentary use of fitness centre & swimming pool
  • All currently applicable taxes

Price for 6 nights starting at 1250 CHF

For more information and booking please go to Leading-Retreats.


The right mat for you





The right mat for you




5mm Lightweight Eco Mat

Beyondyoga: Leichtgewicht mit unvergleichbarer Qualität

  • 5mm Dicke und trotz Naturkautschuk nur 1.4 kg leicht, langlebig
  • Überlegene Rutschfestigkeit und Halt auch bei schweisstreibendem Yoga
  • Kompakte, dichte Zellstruktur für besten Support und Dämpfung
  • Geschlossene Zelloberfläche garantiert einfache Hygiene
  • Frei von ungesunden Farbstoffen, PVC oder schädlichen Weichmachern
  • 100% receyclebar, kompostierbar
  • In folgenden Farben erhältlich: BRAUN/ braun, PISTAGE/braun, LILA/braun

Preis: 98 chf

3mm Ultralight Eco Mat

Beyondyoga: Leichtgewichtiger Begleiter auf Reisen oder unterwegs

  • 3mm Dicke trotz Naturkautschuk nur 1 kg leicht, langlebig
  • Kann für kurze Zeit sogar zum Transport im Koffer, gefaltet werden
  • Überlegene Rutschfestigkeit und Halt auch bei schweisstreibendem Yoga
  • Kompakte, dichte Zellstruktur für besten Support und Dämpfung
  • Geschlossene Zelloberfläche garantiert einfache Hygiene
  • Frei von ungesunden Farbstoffen, PVC oder schädlichen Weichmachern
  • 100% receyclebar, kompostierbar
  • In folgenden Farben erhältlich: GELB/braun, GRAU/grau

Preis: 86 chf












Founder POP UP YOGA &  Yoga Teacher

It was a lucky coincidence that Deddou stumbled upon a Vinyasa Flow class at Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio in New York City in 2009. It was love at first sight, a feeling of "coming home" so strong, that Deddou decided to complete her 200 hours teacher training, as well as her 100 hours advanced teacher training in this vibrant studio in the heart of New York City. Coming from a dancer's background Deddou was intrigued by the creative yoga flow sequences sprinkled with ancient yogi wisdome, the uplifting music, the dynamic and graceful yoga practice.

"I love to fuse dynamic and dance inspired Yoga Flow elements with fundamental principles of therapeutic Vinyasa Krama to create an uplifting experience for a broad spectrum of yoga students."

After completing yoga retreats in India, Australia and South Africa, and trainings in Geneva, Mexico and her teacher trainings in New York City, the former dance teacher started her own yoga classes under the label POP UP YOGA in Switzerland.

Today Deddou is known as a creative and passionate yoga teacher (650h YTT) in the local yoga community. She teaches mainly in Zürich, but also in Zug, Basel, Lucerne and Bern. She coordinates Guerilla Yoga Zug and is co-founder of the Yoga Dance Day Party Heart Beat UP. In addition she forms part of WE ARE YOGA Zürich, leads international Yoga retreats and teaches at yoga festivals, is a guest editor for Yogatonic.de and enjoyes collaborating with Guerilla Yoga Zürich and yoga studios throughout Switzerland. Furthermore she enjoys collaborating with hand picked partners, such as: Alnatura Schweiztibits AG, biomazing.ch, HEYLIFE, Gärtnerei, Byron and BronteCoco&Chica Superfoods, and many more. 



Yoga Teacher

Since Marlene was a young girl, she has almost tried everything from Ballet to Jazz dance to Hip Hop to Rock 'n Roll. In 2008 Marlene attended her first yoga class in a gym. Shortly after her introduction to yoga she realised that yoga was not only a physical excercise, but it also made her feel extremely good and she felt a lot more balanced in her day-to-day life.
In summer 2014 Marlene completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Hawaii Yoga Institute. Since January 2015 Marlene teaches her Yoga Flow on a regular basis at POP UP YOGA. She enjoyes to explore her creative expression in her yoga practice and loves to share her passion in her POP UP YOGA classes.

COntact Marlene












We are beyond excited: our very unique Mat Bags will be launching soon!! Finally you can carry your mat everywhere and unroll your mat, dance, flow, laugh, play and move anywhere you go.

BLUE lets you "expand in stillness"
RED lets your "power pulsate"
PINK lets you "carry your dancefloor" everywhere

They will be available in our brand new online store for 79chf. Pre-order your mat bag HERE


True to the spirit of #‎popupyogaeverywhere we love to share our music, so you can take your yoga practice with you and flow not just in class, but EVERYWHERE. Find our monthly playlists on Soundcloud.

The best community ever

Thank you for participating and giving us your feedback on why you enjoy coming to POP UP YOGA.. Get to know the vibrant and eclectic personalities in the POP UP YOGA Community HERE


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