Creative Sequencing & applied Yoga Foundations

We are in the process of planning our next and 3rd Yoga Teacher Training in Zürich. So far I can let you know the following:

  • Creative sequencing & applied yoga foundations: We continue to put a special emphasize on fostering creativity and finding truthful and unique expression in our yoga practice in order to share it with others. In our 3rd Teacher Training we keep this core value & teach you Yoga as a form of creative exploration of the Self through movement.
  • Language: We believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone. This is why we offer our Teacher Training in a mix of German & English. The skripts, online modules and contact hours are therefore taught in English. However you can always choose to do your homework, your practicals and your reading (mandatory books) in German.
  • A modern approach: We understand that we are teaching an ancient philosophy in modern times. Therefore we believe it is of value to you to study and learn on your own terms. With our specific Online Modules you can study when it is most suitable for you. No longer will you sit through multiple hours of lectures on a hard studio floor. But you can study with efficient online & audios lectures at home, on the train, on a day off or while walking in nature. You will be held accountable by your study partner and our group sessions. Your questions will be answered during our in-person training days or online.
  • Teachers: We will continue to work with extraordinary teachers in their field and give you a range of insights from AcroYoga to Yin Yoga, from Mantra Chanting to Movement Therapy.


Next Teacher Training starts: January 2019

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Sarah about this 250h Teacher Training: "I’ve been interested in Yoga for a while but always had respect from advanced asanas and their impact on the body. Hence, my goal with the training was to develop my own practice and to feel safe in my body. Little did I know back then what positive changes this Teacher Training would bring to my life. During the training I increased my self-knowledge, gained a new kind of body awareness, rediscovered my creative potential, was introduced to new ways of thinking and met great people that turned into new friendships. And to my surprise, it turned out I enjoy teaching Yoga a lot. The Training is holistic and well-balanced and Deddou makes sure to teach you all the essentials. Also, she successfully brings together the ancient knowledge with today’s scientific insights. There is a strong focus on being creative, playful and explorative but also on being safe, aware of your physical needs and correct alignment. The Guest Teachers Deddou invited were original and contributed greatly with their knowledge and opened up to new perspectives. Also, the Training is very practical oriented and will give you confidence to start teaching after its end. To me, this Training has been very rewarding and it has opened up to positive changes that will last after the training ends.“
- Sarah Linder, Zürich

Franziska about this 250h Teacher Training: “This 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training opened up the beautiful world of yoga to me and even a little bit more. From philosophy over anatomy to different stiles of Yoga - we were able to take a glimpse at a lot of aspects of Yoga. And by moving my body in a playful way and dig into Yoga theory with my mind, I did not only find out how my Yoga path will continue, but I also decided to change my professional future. So if you are open for something new that could change your life, join the POP UP YOGA Community. Deepen your Yoga knowledge; find new friends and potentially also yourself... Thanks Deddou for this amazing experience!“
- Franziska Merz, Costa Rica

Debora about this 250h Teacher Training: "This Teacher Training is a uniquely designed Training that enables its students to teach Vinyasa Yoga classes in a modern, diversified and healthy way. It covers a broad range of topics, from the ancient Yoga philosophy to the newest alignment techniques, deep-dives into Asanas, Meditation and different styles of Yoga besides Vinyasa such as Hatha, Yin and Acro. Well chosen guest teachers share their expertise and their very own style and interpretation of Yoga. The Teacher Training has a strong focus on building creative and intelligent Vinyasa yoga sequences. A great plus is that all students get to teach several community classes with «real» students, this helps tremendously to get into teaching after completing the Teacher Training.

But I must say this 250h Teacher Training goes way beyond deepening your own Yoga practice and learning to teach a Yoga class. To me it was an incredible journey that allowed me to grow in many aspects of my life, not only on my Yoga mat. Throughout the training and through my own practice I have gained more awareness of when I am not truly being present throughout the day. I am more aware of my emotions and reactions, especially when I am facing difficult situations. The Teacher Training has  left me with plenty of food for thought and showed me that Yoga is a lifelong journey of learning and studying.

Deddou is a wonderful teacher and you can truly feel how much love she put into creating this holistic Yoga Teacher Training. Her deep knowledge and long experience in teaching Yoga adds great value to the training. She created a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere that allowed each one of us to step out of the comfort zone and grow in our very own way. "
- Debora Menet, Zürich

Nora about this 250h Teacher Training: "What I have learned from the 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training teacher with Deddou will continue to influence my thoughts and experiences throughout the rest of my life. It was amazing!
This Teacher Training has nourished my mind, body and spirit in such a beautiful and mindful way that I would never want to miss that experience. It was a huge and transformational journey; spiritually, physically and mentally. Since this Yoga Teacher Training I’ve become more mindful of the words I hear or speak in yoga classes, but also in my everyday life.

- Nora Guntli, Zürich

Vanessa about this 250h Teacher Training: "My Teacher training has been a one of a kind experience. This 250h Training brings you creative elements, which not many offer in their Training. Throughout the whole Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training you will discover your own practice, you will dive deeper into the discovery of yourself and the yoga philosophy brought to you by Deddou in a very gentle, captivating and personal way. It will certainly give you a chance to explore and discover the different layers of you and yoga if you let it happen. Each teacher will bring you a different view on yoga from which you can pick and choose. And the most beautiful part of it is that Deddou has the ability to bring all different teachers in one pot and helps you choose the best of all those worlds.

What I enjoyed the most was that Deddou will become like a Mother, who’s input you will deeply appreciate. She was the reason why I decided join this Training. I wanted to learn something from her and her view on yoga! You will be amazed of the knowledge she has and loves to share. If you are looking for a life-changing experience a Training with Deddou will open these doors for you. However, do not be fooled, it is a very hard working and emotional journey. You should be ready & open to embrace it." 
Vanessa-Naomi Moëlla, Zürich

Sabine about this 250h Teacher Training: I had decided to join this Yoga Teacher Training mostly for practical reason, as it was in Zurich, allowed six months opposed to an intensive of 4 weeks to digest the learnings and offered the chance to practice teaching in the community classes as part of the program. I ended up having a great time with a lovely group of yogis and got the chance to learn from talented teachers how to practice yoga on and off the mat. In this regard this 250h Training has been a true life changer for me – it has provided me with a toolbox for life to remind myself what it is all about - keep on moving forward and up.
- Sabine Ehm, Zürich

Mabel about this 250h Teacher Training: "As a yoga student & teacher with a previous 250 Yoga certificate, I signed up for the 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Deddou to learn how to build really cool and creative Vinyasa Flow Sequences. The creative ways of how Deddou designs smart Sequences fascinated me very much. 

Deddou and all the other teachers in this training were an incredible inspiration. The whole Training is wonderfully structured, so that you can use the learned theory in your own practice and understand it as you practice it in your own body. From the different lecturers one learns a lot and you get high quality and useful information. I can highly recommend it“.
- Mabel Eugster, Erlenbach


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