Im back from my trip in Peru and very excited to practice with all of you again! Please join me for some ecxtatic yoga flows that lift your spirit and root your feet - Lets celebrate being "close to home" together smile emoticon

Find schedule online:

From Oshos: Yoga the Science of Living

"Once a master of Zen invited questions from his students. A student asked. 'What future rewards can be expected by those who strive diligently with their lessons?'

"Answered the master, 'Ask a question close to home.'

"A second student wanted to know, 'How can I prevent my past follies from rising up to accuse me?'

"The master repeated, 'Ask a question close to home.'

"A third student raised his hand to state, 'Sir, we do not understand what is meant by asking a question close to home.'

"'To see far, first see near. Be mindful of the present moment, for it contains answers about future and past. What thought just crossed your mind? Are you now sitting before me with a relaxed or with a tense physical body? Do I now have your full or partial attention? Come close to home by asking questions such as these."