BUILDING MODERN BODIES - an exhibition at Kunsthalle Zürich

This is not an art exhibition. It is an exhibition that deals with art indirectly—specifically, with the transformation of the human body into a work of art in bodybuilding. Since the late 19th century, bodybuilding has represented the artistic and aesthetic face of modern body culture. Since bodybuilders do not strive to achieve strength in itself, but the image of strength, pictures play an important role in their craft. By forming their bodies as sculptors once did with blocks of marble, they give the modern ideal of self-optimization a concrete form: sculpo, ergo sum. As self-sculptures, they not only embody the artist and the artwork in one, but also museums and restorers. While sports and fitness have no place in an art museum, bodybuilding is predestined for this place.

With works of Anke Haarmann, Ana Hofmann, Ewa Kasperek, Lea Rasovszky, Rico & Michael, Martin Schoeller

Visitors are welcome to use the weightlifting area in the middle of the room. This offers those who not only want to consume art, but to become a work of art themselves both the opportunity and the inspiration to do so.



16.12., 19.00-20.30 Magical Yoga Alchemy Sex Dust, CHF 25
07.01., 18.30 - 19.30 Rundgang - 20.00-21.30 Art & Yoga, CHF 25
12.01., 19.00-21.00 Beginner Yoga Class, CHF 35
26.01., 19.00-21.00 Advanced Yoga Class, CHF 35
02.02., 19.00-20.30 Friend Yoga, CHF 25