Move like yourself

Exploring what it means to move from an authentic Self, expressing what is true in this very moment.

In this video I just played on and off my mat, expressing what I felt in this very moment on my beautiful balcony in Goa. This song inspired me to combine graceful movements with strong poses. On this day I also needed openness and balance in my body, hence the choice of poses in this video.

I truly believe that we should live and show up in the world as truthful as possible every single day. Sometimes it is difficult to find and live TRUTH. It is hard for me, too to stay true to myself and listen to this inner voice that is whispering words of solace, wisdom and acceptance. But this is the practice of constantly "coming back home" as I like to call it.

I'm very proud to announce that behind the scenes we are working very hard to design a program to assist you on your personal journey in yoga. The focus of the first POP UP YOGA Teacher Training 2017 is Sequencing & Creative Expression. We partner up with national and international experts to give you an in-depth understanding of yoga, sequencing, and your personal creative expression. For more info's please contact me - Deddou

Song: Elle, by DJ Gregory (World Series UK Vol. 1 - Beach House Mix [Disc 1])
Autor: Deddou, Yoga Teacher & Founder