About your authentic self

There is a little book about the Niyamas and the Yamas I really love.
You maybe know these situations when you have to study something, but its difficult to relate it to your life or what you’ve already seen and experienced.

So it’s very difficult to understand the real message. Sometimes I find it very abstract what all these yogis try to tell me with words and phrases. They are hard to decode for my western understanding. So I was very pleased to find this book from Deborah Adele.

Her style of writing touches my heart. I truly can say there is truth, love and much understanding in her word.

This week I would like to talk to you about the chapter „Satya“. There are 5 different Yamas, also known as „contract with the world“. The Niyamas on the contrary are like a „contract with yourself“.

Satya (the 2nd Yama as listed by Patanjali's Yoga Sutras), as I understand it, is truthfullness in a very deep way. Truthful to yourself and to your surrounding. What is truthfullness in your every day life? Maybe you take a moment to think about what this means to you...

One of the most important points of truthfullness is the „Rather be real, than nice“. „Why do we lie?“ I ask. Are we afraid to hurt someone’s feelings? Or is it because we want to be liked or admired by anyone or by ourselfs? Or do you act according to different situations, changing your character just a bit with different persons? Is it the fear that you would show yourself as you are and the others are not accepting of you?

For sure there are many reasons for not being yourself in your every day life.

And there is the theme of „being nice“. Yogiraj Achala says that you have to watch out for nice people. Being a nice person yourself, is an illusion. A cloak hiding lies. It is an imposed image of what one thinks they should be. It is a packaging of self in a presentable box. Imposed by an outer authority.

Fact is people that are „nice“ contain their truth inside until they reach a breaking point and then they become dangerously inappropriate.

Maybe you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions. I for sure do. So what can we do is ask ourselves again and again: Who am I? And what do I show the others? Maybe it’s time to rethink.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post this week.


Clay - Yoga Teacher & Administration at POP UP YOGA