In the Monday evening class, during the full moon, we did a connecting, earth inspired Yoga & Pranayama class. At the beginning and end of the class I shared the following excerpt from Chani Nicholas and her fabulous Astro Blog:

We must be grounded. Rooted. Stable and unwavering. Our root systems connected. Interdependent. Linked up.

Together, we must be a forest. A place that supplies oxygen. Covering. Shade. An eco-system. A shelter for the sacred. Individually, we must each be a small but vital part of something much bigger than ourselves.

We must be in our bodies. So that we know what to do to take care of them. Know when to sit something out. Know when to engage. Know when we need care. Know when we can give it.

We must be like the old Sequoia trees. Able to withstand the test of time. The snowfall. The fires. The floods. In it for the long haul. In it for thousands of years. Sturdy. Growing. Nourished by the ancient soil. By the wisdom of all the work that was done before us.

We must be calm when we can, so that we don’t burn out. Dignified. Determined. Unrelenting. Unwilling to deny what is at stake. Unflinching as we look into the future.

This is a time to awaken to our shortcomings. To our privileges. To our place in the grand scheme of things. This is a time to witness the greatest initiation we may have gone through in recent history.

This is the moment to fill ourselves with what feels generative. Loving. Kind. Life-enhancing. Life-affirming. Life-sustaining. This is the time to gather over good food while we strategize about self-care and the revolution.

This is a time to build and rebuild the most secure connections that we have. To lay roots where we can. To dig into our humanity and our capacity to grow ourselves into the kind of people and the kind of society that we want to leave to the seedlings of the world.

May we all awaken to our potential. Now.