Our feel-good Retreat is especially designed for you as an alternative to an unhealthy Easter Weekend. Instead of eating too many chocolates and too much food in general, we will pamper our body with delicious juices, dynamic yoga sessions, sauna and hammam and a healthy community dinner. Don't drain your battery - RECHARGE it and prepare your body and get ready for SPRING TIME.

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Detailed program for the FEEL GOOD Weekend in Züri:

Thursday 24th March - Meeting at 18.00 at Kunsthalle Zürich.
You get your HEYLIFE Juices and we start our 2day juice cleanse.
Together we drink the first juice.

19.00 - 21.00 SWEAT & PLAY - 2h Yoga Class at Kunsthalle

Friday 25th March - Meeting at Stadtbad Zürich (Juice Cleanse continues)
Good weather: Yoga from 15.00 - 16.30, hamam afterwards
Bad weather: Yoga from 11.00 - 12.30, hamam afterwards

 1,5 hour Yoga class followed by an afternoon at the Hammam & Sauna. Pamper yourself, relax, detox and sweat. To support this cleansing ritual you can book an additional full body Scrub (Hamam Silver for 25 chf) or the full body Tellak treatment(Hammam Gold for 60 chf).

Saturday 26th March – Meeting at Corner_8 (Ottenweg 35, 8008 ZH)
Juice cleanse ends at 18.00
16.30 - 1,5 hour Yoga class and 30 min talk on “how to stay healthy” & share your experience

18.30 - Closing dinner at b.good Oberdorf ZH: Delicious and healthy Kale bowl

Optional - continue feeling good and healthy:
Sunday 27th March – 75min Yoga at Hotel Greulich at 10.30am for 25 chf.

Price for Feel Good Weekend: 240 chf
(incl. Pre-Cleanse Program starting on Monday 21. March, 2day HEY LIFE juice cleanse, 5hours of Yoga on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, hammam and sauna at Stadtbad Zürich, dinner at b.good)

Let me know if you would like to book Hammam Silver or Gold and write me a message.

Please always bring your own mat.

We will be a small group of max. 12 people. Please secure your spot as fast as possible and register for this weekend HERE