Inspiration for your home practice

Driven by creativity, this is what I came up with as I was practicing at home. If you have been to a class with me recently, you will probably recognize some of the elements . This video might inspire you to go to your own mat and come up with something uniquely YOU. It is so important to find your own movements and flow as you grow as a yogi and feel more comfortable on the mat. Who are you when you practice, and what are the movements your body enjoys flowing into right in this moment?

I had days when I couldn't move on my mat and just focused on the breath, waiting for a spark of movement to occur. First I thought this was very strange, but then I heard my teacher's voice in the back of my head saying "never judge". And I learnt to accept more and more to listen to my body. Some days it wants to rest and be completely still, whereas other days it wants to move and flow. This was definitely a day when my body wanted to move, move into the hips and the heart. And out of this home practice a set of classes was born where we let the creative force rush through us and let us move in our Vinyasa Flow practice. But the inspiration to the classes was born here. Moving, breathing, savoring whatever chooses to show up in the movements, transitions and poses.

PARTICIPATE: Find your own inspiration

During my absence, I encourage you to unroll your mat at home and videotape some parts of your flow. Share it with me on Facebook or Instagram, using the Hashtag #popupyogaflow, or simply send me your video by email (best use I would love to see your personal truth and movements coming to life on your mat.

I will share all your amazing flows on the POP UP YOGA Blog and together we create even more inspiration and support each other.

The music in this video is from Fakear...


If you need a playlist, please feel free to use this one here. It is the one I listened to when filming the video..

Autor: Deddou Bukhard, Yoga Teacher & Founder POP UP YOGA