I remember back in primary school our teacher introduced us to the roman bathing culture and showed us pre-historical spa set-ups. I remember it so clearly, because I was deeply fascinated by the idea to make a ritual out of the normal cleaning habit. In this way it becomes much more than just a bath to clean off the dirt. It becomes a meaningful ceremony to cleanse and pamper your body and soul.

Today I’m still deeply fascinated with all of the beauty rituals that not only support our cleaning routine, but also ground us, reconnect us to ourselves, give us much needed ME-time and time-off from our busy lives.

Just recently I rediscovered my beauty ritual, that I used to do on a regular basis. And the last time I set time aside for my ritual, I took my camera with me on the journey to share with you my very personal ritual. Hopefully I can inspire you to come up with your own bathing ceremony and use this time to return into conversation with yourself and reconnect to your own being.

Recipe for a bathing ceremony:

Time needed: 2 hours minimum. I like to do it at night before going to bed. Don’t have plans after your ritual


  • Products: I like to put all the products that I will use in chronological order
  • Music: I like to have soft background music. Sometimes I also like to have complete silence.
  • Light: I like to use lots of candels
  • Book: I like to have an inspiring book.

Important: Turn off your phone and other electronic devises. Really make this time about yourself and your personal time to relax and nourish your skin and mind.

Beginning my ceremony

To get into the mood for me ME Time and ritual, I made some tea (with Heart Dust - Moon Dust) and took some time to read (Time: about 30min)

Then I selected the products that I would be using during my ritual...

Let's begin...

Now I start with the actual bathing ceremony. It is very new to me to share something so intimate with all of you. But I truely believe it is very important to set aside special ME Time and make a ritual out of it. I neglected this personal ritual during the past year, and just recently remembered how important this is to me. Now I am doing my bathing ritual again on a regular basis (more or less once a month).

I don't have a fix routine. However I always include a range of beauty products to pamper my skin. Furthermore I always combine it with a hot bath, a hair mask and some food for though - meaning a good book or just beautiful music and some time to write in my diary.

I never go out after my ritual or agree to meet someone afterwards. It is always an open evening that ends with me going to bed. Sometimes I add yoga elements like simple pranayama or a meditation before going to bed. In this ceremony I used the time after the bath to write in my diary, sip some tea and then go to bed.

The perfect drink to enhance my bathing ceremony: turmeric latte, made with turmeric, rice milk, raw cacao powder, black peper and Ashwagandha.


Cleaning the skin

Sometimes I use an exfoliating product to unclog the pores in my skin. Today I chose to use my Clarisonic with a soft brush to remove the dirt on my skin. It's fun!

Nourishing the skin

As a second step I nourish my skin with a special mask. Today I am using a sample I received from Kiehl's  and apply it with a brush. Again why? Because it is fun and tickles a bit :)

Ready for the long hot bath

Im ready to dive into my hot bath. But just before I use natural Coconut Oil as a hair mask to hydrate and nourish my hair. This is also the time when I dim the lights and I use only candels. Depending on my mood I pour myself a foam bath with lots of bubbles. Other times I use something oil based or even an alcaline salt mix (Basenbad) ... (Time: 20-30min)

Cooling down


I hope I inspired you to come up with your own bathing ceremony. Please feel encouraged to take some time off and do a ME Time ritual. I would love to hear your feedback and learn about your experience either in the comments below, through email, or a personal conversation.

Autor: Deddou Burkhard, founder and yoga teacher at POP UP YOGA