On Monday we enjoyed a high-paced, super dynamic, dance-inspired Yoga Flow. It felt so good to move, sweat and dance the winter blues away. So here it is the RECIPE for a HAPPY DANCE - SHAKE THE WINTER BLUES AWAY - GOOD TIME for your home.

Feel-good Recipe:

1)     find some comfy - feel-good clothes to wear

2)     Get headphones (if you live in an old, “ringhörige” apartment block, like I do)

3)     Make sure you have a spacious dance floor. Ideal: living room, whole apartment ;)

4)     Press play on the playlist (below) and start dancing freely, super crazy, jump around, use your whole body to express whatever you feel inside for at least 20 min.

The happy dance will bring sunlight into any grey winter day. Helps you to feel free, sexy, alive, energized. You might feel a bit silly during the first minute or so. Don’t worry – it is ok. It is super healing and refreshing. Shake off everything that weights you down and feel totally like yourself, totally free - I love this!

Turn the volume up and enjoy!