Dear Yogi & friend,

I used to have an internal mantra I repeated every day for years:

“Let me live this day, with my inner light as guide, deeply connected. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, I live every moment with awareness, gratitude and joy.“
The ability to stay deeply connected to my inner voice is at the root of my personal endeavors. Yoga offers me beautiful practices to keep that connection through meditation, mantra, asana and pranayama. And it is sharing these practices with you that fulfills my heart. And as life presents exciting moments and obstacles, sunny days and busy days, I believe it is of immense value to have a regular yoga practice for the more challenging times.
Lately, especially during the summer months, I was really busy at POP UP YOGA, not only teaching yoga classes, but mostly organizing our new Community Classes, a growing group of teachers, implementing our new booking tool, our current and next 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Trainingworkshops with guest teachers from all over the world and spectacular locations for yoga events, such as Yoga at Zürich Airport, FELFEL Yoga at Binz & Kunz, Alnatura Yoga or Sunday Sessions at the 25hours Hotel.

It is my great passion to create fruitful collaborations and offer you meaningful possibilities to magnify your yoga experience and to expand your overall wellbeing.

October is my favorite month

After transitioning into fall, naturally this month October invites us to take a closer look at where we stand in our lives and acknowledge how far we have come in the past 9 months. I stand in awe! This year has been eventful, filled with amazing encounters; it has been a great teacher, enriched my private life and most of all it has connected me to more beautiful souls, like yours, through POP UP YOGA.

In this month, as I listen to my inner voice I long to dive in, follow my breath and find moments of stillness and rest. It is time for me to withdraw, reconnect and recharge. It is time to take SELF-CARE.

How are you taking care of your self?


This is why I decided to teach less regular classes and instead attend to my personal practice. You can still practice with me on an irregular basis on Monday evenings in the Yoga & Meditation class, at special events, in private classes and of course in the 250h Teacher Training.

A full schedule is waiting for you

It is with delight that I announce 2 new teachers in our community: Madlen and Sabine. Together with Debora and Marlene and our group of Yoga Teachers in Training we will offer you a full spectrum of exhilarating Yoga Flow classes in exciting places.

Ohh and before you have a look at our schedule below, please be advised that I will be sharing special self-care practices with you here on our POP UP YOGA BLOG during the next few weeks.

Sending you a big hug and lots of love,

Deddou & POP UP YOGA Team


Regular Class Schedule

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