Big Magic

Theme of the month December, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's book

We end the year at POP UP YOGA with one of our favorite books: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book inspires us greatly and has been read by all of the POP UP YOGA teachers.

If you have joined our Vinyasa Flow classes or participate in our 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Trainings then you know that CREATIVITY and SELF-EXPRESSION through movement lie at the core of our teachings. We want you to reconnect to your body and inner Self, remembering and freeing forgotten aspects of your Self and rediscover your own voice for enhanced self-expression and thus live a richer, more authentic life.
We want you to remember that you have the power to create. You are a creative being. Whether you express your creativity in yoga, dance, cooking, writing, painting, or giving birth to a new being; you carry the source of creation within you.

Shakti Prana

The center of creation in our body is located in between your pubic bone and your navel and known as Svadhisthana. The word Svadhisthana can be translated as: the dwelling place of “her.” “Her” relates to the powerful energy called Shakti prana. This energy is female in nature and has the power to rise as Kundalini energy to enhance our clarity, luminosity and raise our vibrations.

"You are worthy, dear one, regardless of the outcome.
You are born to create, regardless of the outcome. "

-Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic



Blocked: our creative expression

As a child it was very natural for us to be creative, because it is our inherent nature. Unfortunately many of us have had a traumatic experience around our creative expression, which developed into a so called “art-scar”.  In some way we were discouraged from expressing ourselves creatively  and became self-conscious about these “less worthy” aspects of ourselves. Maybe a teacher told you, you weren’t good enough or a peer at school mocked something you created.  Most adults are still marked by these negative memories. Creative self-expression is being abandoned on grounds of fear of being ridiculed or criticized.


What if the result didn’t matter?

The first round of questions we ask ourselves are: But what if you couldn’t fail? What if the outcome didn’t matter? What if you wouldn’t care what other people thought or said? What if there was no fear and there could unfold a fuller, more complete and embodied version of yourself? What if the only thing that mattered was your joy while creating?

In a second round we then simply reflect on the following: What would you love so much doing that the words failure and success become irrelevant?

Additional questions at this point in the year regarding your creativity are: How did I express  my unique Self during the year 2017? Am I happy with the creative outlets in my life? Have I neglected any art or hobby that I used to love as a child because of fear or shame? What fears are still surrounding my creative expression? What significance does creativity have in my asana practice? Could I be more playful in my asana practice?  Is it time to rediscover a form of art or creative expression in 2018?

Hopefully you will touch on some of these questions in our Yoga Flow classes in December. Debora, Madlen, Sabine and I are very excited to explore the answers though yoga asana, movement, dance and dharma talks and give rise to BIG MAGIC in all our lives together!

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Creativity Manifest

from the book: Big Magic, by Elizabth Gilbert

Creativity is sacred and not sacred.

What we make matters enormously and it doesn’t matter at all.

We toil alone, and we are accompanied by spirits.

We are terrified and we are brave.

Art is a crushing chore and a wonderful privilege.

Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us.

So please, calm down now and get back to work.

The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say YES!


Article by: Deddou Burkhard, Yoga Teacher & Founder POP UP YOGA

Deddou will teach 2 BIG MAGIC Yoga classes in December on Sunday 17th and Monday 18th December. Sign up here!