4 Day Movement Therapy Intensive with Cuchira

In the 4 Day Intensive you dive deep into Self-Expression, Dance & Movement Therapy. It is a transformational, in-depth practice and an extention of the Movmeant Masterclass on Wednesday 14th February 2018.

Emotional memory is stored in the mind-body. It lives within every crevice of our being. MovMeant Therapeutic Arts releases the mind-body of stored trauma to bring forth healing through a felt sense creative process. Not all feelings can be expressed verbally. MovMeant supplies a safe space to explore our emotional landscape by physically moving our way into our internal aura.

MovMeant will guide you towards reconnecting body-mind-soul by using various movement practices, explorative exercises, vocalization, breath and imagination to assist in  your self-love journey towards a more peacefully connected you. 

About the Teacher: Tamara Levison-Campos (New York, USA)

Movmeant & Movement Therapy

Tamara Levinson-Campos was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in New York City. At age 15, she represented the USA at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, in rhythmic gymnastics. Tamara’s versatility as a dancer, gymnast, rhythmic gymnast, aerial artist, contortionist and actress led her to having an over 20 year career as a working dancer. She danced on three world tours with Madonna, performed along side of No Doubt, Usher, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and more. She has had the great pleasure of working with the legendary Twyla Tharp and continues to dance and choreograph for popular artists on stage, tv commercials and film.

Tamara considers herself an artist of movement, where the creative mind is limitless, needs no labels, it's all just freedom of self expression. Tamara's new brand is called MOVMEANT. Because, you are meant to move!

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Date & Time of 4Day Intensive with Cuchira:
Thursday 15. Feb: 13.15 Uhr - 17.45 Uhr
Friday 16. Feb: 13.15 Uhr - 17.15 Uhr
Saturday 17. Feb: 12 - 14 Uhr // 1h break // 15 - 17 Uhr
Sunday 18. Feb: 12 - 14 Uhr // 1h break // 15 - 17 Uhr

Registration for the 4 Day Intensive:
Early Bird Price, registration by 31. Dec 17: 580 Fr
Regular Price: 630 Fr

To register for the Intensive please send us an email & transfer 50% of the course fee (non-refundable) to the account below. The rest of the course fee can be paid in cash or via twint/bank transfer on first day of the Intensive.

Deddou Burkhard, POP UP YOGA, 8004 ZH
Konto (IBAN): CH8600 20620 64801 6540H
Clearing Nummer: 0206
UBS, Zürich

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.