Glimpse into my practice

I don't share insights into my personal practice on a regular basis, because I truly believe we should all find our own expression in yoga without copying our teachers. But then again, I want to inspire you to go deeper into your yoga practice, try, play, explore, move and dance ... - not only in yoga classes, but also at home on your own mat. But how do you start practicing at home without a teacher? How do you get into the mood to flow through asanas? What rules are there to follow?


That's how I do it ... (and psst! there are no rules ;-) :

1) I make sure I have at least 1 hour of uninterrupted time and I turn my phone off.

2) I prepare the space: I clean my mat, light some candles, get into comfortable yoga clothes and make sure I have props available, in case I need them (like my yoga strap, some blocks and my yoga wheel) .

3) I set the mood: Music helps me to access my emotions. So I search for a few songs that work for this precise moment and hit the play button.

4) I usually start by lying down on my mat and feel the music. Sometimes movement starts flowing quickly, sometimes I need to wait a bit, and just rest for a while.

5) Playtime: I try to turn off my head as much as possible (not an easy thing to do) and let my body lead. Maybe the body needs a warm up, then a few rounds of Surya Namaskar might happen. Maybe the body goes directly into creative movement. Then I let it ... In this first phase I am not concerned about right / left and a balance between the two sides.

6) Repeat and dance: Once I notice a repetition of certain asanas in my playtime, I turn my head back on. I move through them and find a form and sequence that flows and feels good in my body. Then I start repeating it on the right and left ... and that's what it looked like a few days ago...

PS: No edits, not cuts, no "making it look nice", no altering - this is raw, the last bit of my practice, once I ended in phase 6 of "repeat and dance". After this a short Savasana followed, I ate a small dinner and went to Herman's Wohnzimmer for the 8pm Wednesday evening POP UP YOGA class. If you were in that class, you might recognize certain elements :)