You can get Lotus Wei - Infinite Love at

You can get Lotus Wei - Infinite Love at

Infinite Love - our Savasana treat for you offered by

During the month of March 2017 we do long and amazing Savasanas at POP UP YOGA, treating you with a short Savasana massage using the Lotus Wei Infinite Love Serum at the of every yoga class. This natural flower blend was created with essences that highten self-love & acceptance, inner kindness and gentleness and a warm and loving atmosphere wherever you go. What a great way to soften into the depth of your Self during the relaxing moments of Savasana (relaxation at end of yoga class)?! 

What they say about this special flower essence, bursting with love and affection:

"Usually within a week of using the Infinite Love flower essences, you feel quite a difference. Negative self talk decreases – sometimes we don’t even realize that we say a lot of things to ourselves in our minds that we wouldn’t say to a three-year-old – until we notice that it’s gone. Within several days you notice that you’re kinder to yourself.

And then you notice that others respond to you in a different way. They are more magnetized to being around you. You may get random compliments from strangers, and your loved ones may suddenly demonstrate more affection."

What plant-essences you smell in Infinite Love?


Hong Kong Orchid teaches us self-love and self-acceptance. It helps you love and accept every part of yourself so you can delight in your full self-expression, without insecurity or fear of being heard, seen or exposed. It helps you feel totally comfortable with all parts of yourself, which magnifies your ability to love and accept others. It enhances your ability to deeply appreciate your uniqueness and be seen as you truly are.


Pink Magnolia is for those times in our lives when we’re giving so much love, time and energy to others that we forget to take care of ourselves. It helps to retain energy, so that we don’t give away too much. It magnifies a sense of completeness, wholeness and purity, and encourages taking time for breaks and self-care.


Fireweed also enhances love for ourselves and others – it gives us the sense that love is all around. It magnifies our capacity for forgiveness, gives us strength in situations in which we’re feeling attacked and speeds up recovery time from emotional pain. - See more at:


Orange Hawkweed is a bright orange wildflower that brings you down to earth and boostsclarity about the choices you make. It inspires you to fall in love with yourself so much that you don’t need love from the outside. It cuts through unproductive yearning for affection and magnifies self-sufficiency, giving you the sense that you accomplish anything (without needing others).


Thank you Anna Baumgartner from for sponsoring all our Savasanas in March! Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude!