Meet POP UP YOGA Teacher Ciara

by Ciara Collins-Atkins, teaching POP UP YOGA on Saturday morning 9.30 - 11am and monthly Yin Yoga

What does yoga mean to you? Please share your personal definition of yoga.
For me yoga is a sacred, spiritual, creative practise. It is where I come home to my true self time and time again.

Please share the most incredible/ unbelievable things that happened to you while teaching yoga?
I can't think of one thing but often, when I teach yoga something incredible happens during the silence and stillness of savasana; I'm not sure how, but time seems to stop for a moment and I feel everything settle. In that moment all of our different stories are forgotten and as the class rests together there is a sense of unity; it is a privilege to witness. 

Do you have a yoga pose that has always cost you a lot of work?
One pose that is a constant challenge for me is revolved triangle. I love triangle but as soon as it revolves I lose all sense of where to place my body! I think this is partly due to my curvy spine. Each time I do this pose in a class or private practise I am reminded that I am an eternal student and that I have so much to learn about my body and yoga.

Has yoga changed your everyday life – how?
Yoga has changed my daily life hugely. I suffered from depression in the past and yoga is one thing that supported me in overcoming the symptoms and understanding the root cause. Now yoga is a daily practise through which I check in with myself, care for myself and tune in to what I need on any given day.

Yoga has evolved the relationship I have with myself and in turn has nourished my relationships with loved ones.

Lastly yoga has changed the way I see the menstrual cycle. I now see this time of the month as a miraculous time in which to release what is no longer needed, to honour my body with a more restorative yoga practise, to read inspiring books, to take time to turn within.


Do you use any props / gadgets besides your yoga mat when practicing yoga?
I love props! Blocks, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows transform my practise of yin and restorative yoga. There is always a notebook and pen nearby too. I also love candles and essential oils for when I want to give myself a big beautiful yoga hug!

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
Hard one...I have been called an ostrich before...I'm not sure why...perhaps because in spite of having trained as a dancer I can be super clumsy and heavy on my feet! I would like to think I am more like a wolf mainly because one of my favorite books of all time is 'Women Who Run With The Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.


Next classes with Ciara
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