Svadhishthana Chakra

An Essay by Gosia Proc, participant of the 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training 2017

Svadhishthana is the Sanskrit name of the second chakra and means "in her home". It is related to the female energy or Goddess Shakti, Kundalini Energy, to our sexual energy and our sleeping energy. Each chakra has an element bonded to it, and for this one the element is water, which equals cohesiveness. Svadhisthana has six petals in its symbol and is the center of creation, the source of our emotions and the aspect of duality.

It is located above the pubic bone and below the navel. A balanced second chakra leads to feelings of balance, pleasure and joy. When it is out of balance, we can experience addictions, unsafety, shame, depression, etc.

Svadhishthana is my favorite chakra as it is related to creativity and feeling sexy. Creativity is a part of each human being. I have an impression that we keep on forgetting about this aspect while growing up and becoming adults.

Since we pass the education stage where i.e. drawing is part of the class, we miss & consciously block moments when we let our imagination free to put any form of our creative expression on paper, or into movementetc.

When was the last time you did crawl on the floor like a baby? Free movement and expression are the effect of being creative. Why don't you try to take a raw material and do something new with it. Or start observing your environment with great care, it awakens the mind and your imagination. And the best thing about being creative: You never know where it will lead you. The effects will be freeing and positive as you might open something in yourself that has been hiding since you were a kid. Following creative impulses is the easiest solutions to unblock what is hidden on the inside.

Since the second chakra is also related to sexuality, it is interesting to observe this aspect in other people, and yourself - first and foremost. What is possible when Svadhisthana is balanced and you feel self-confident, not judgemental towards yourself? You shine! 

I treat this chakra as one of the most important ones. Once you balance your sexual life, respect and adore your body, open your mind for creativity... this will definitely make you feel free, happy, ready to rock this planet and will give you extreme energy and self-confidence. Observe your emotions and let them go out, who knows what's stuck inside there.

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