A sudden good-bye

Last night Michael Stone, a dear teacher of mine, passed away.

The news hit me today very sudden, unexpected ... As someone dies I often struggle to find the right words to express the vacuum of emotions, the emptiness that the passing of a dear person left behind. And yet again, emptiness is the wrong word, since there are abundant, rich memories of this person engraved in my heart that will stay with me like a tatoo on my skin.

In dear memory I hold Michael with all of his profound knowledge, generosity and teachings.

Grief: An Essay

"If grief is deep and imponderable, it is because love is deep and imponderable, too. The world presents us with opportunities for connection, and the flipside of these is the impermanence of opportunity. The Buddha taught that at bottom, the more we love that which we lose, the more grief we feel. The world is living and dying, full of birth and loss, tragedy and change. It is “first truth” that runs like a tragic thread, through all of our lives."

by Michael Stone

Lions Roar writes:
Michael Stone, 42, was an activist, family man, and teacher of yoga and Buddhism.

Following a period of hospitalization that began on Thursday, July 13, as was announced on the 14th via Facebook by Stone’s partner Carina Stone, Stone’s family on the 16th announced that Stone, in a coma, would “remain on life support until tonight (Sunday) between 8pm and 1am Pacific Time.” Then, on Monday, at approximately 10:20 am Vancouver time, Carina Stone posted this update:

Michael left beautifully and peacefully last night. There was joy and release in his time of transformation.

Unfathomable. Heart opening. Mind grasping for knowing every unknowable.
Deep feelings of peace.

A blue heron landed on our deck
Another at the oceans edge
Three turns of the earth
Always in a moment
His nose
Face of a Buddha
A hand on my shoulder
Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhisvaha
Prajna heart sutra

Thank you for your love and practice

Source: https://www.lionsroar.com/remembering-buddhist-teacher-michael-stone/