All about Vishuddha Chakra

 an essay by Halimah King, participant in the 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training 2017

Vishuddha is the 5th chakra located in the throat area. According to Myss (1997), the 5th chakra governs the anatomical regions of the thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, neck vertebrae, mouth, jaw, tongue and larynx (p.219). The colour for this chakra is blue. The element corresponding to this chakra is space. The mantra sound is ‘HUM’. Like all the other chakras this chakra also has a sense, an entrance and exit doorway. The entrance door for Vishuddha is by hearing and the exit doorway is speaking using our mouth. This chakra has sixteen lotus petals. The Goddess assigned to this chakra is the Hindu goddess called Saraswati. 

 The centre of expression

Vishudda is also known to be the ‘decision making’ or ‘choice making’ chakra. This chakra is the centre of expression. It resonates to our emotional and mental struggles. Self-expression using our voice to speak, sing, chant and so on. It is how we express ourselves, are we speaking the truth, are we being truthful to ourselves, or are we just saying things because that is what we thought the other person wanted to hear? It is really about expressing one self. It is about speaking the truth, or lying, or even gossiping. One way to help maintain the balance of the 5th chakra is by practising some of the yoga poses mentioned below. These poses could help us to speak and listen with compassion.

 5th Chakra Yoga Poses

It have been suggested that in yoga, some of the poses that can help to balance the 5th chakra are; Fish Pose (Matsyasana), Lion’s Breath, Ujjayi Breath, Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangsana), Camel Pose (Uatrasana), Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangsana), The Plough (Halasana), and Up Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana). The two Pranayama (breathing) exercises bring heat and stimulation to the throat chakra. According to Fondin, “these poses will stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands as well as bring energy to the area of the throat”. (Fondin, 2017)

 A balance of the chakras

If there is a blockage or imbalance chakras, the energy in our body cannot flow fluidly. However, to clear the blockage for the 5th chakra we need to make sure we unblock all the other chakras and make sure that they are in balance. First we need to have a balance Root chakra (Muladhara), and the second chakra Svadhisthana). These two chakras must be in alignment. Together these two chakras will help us to overcome our fear. I believe that most of the time, when we are afraid to speak, often it is due to fear. We also need to open our third chakra (Manipura) to help us to feel empowered. Last, but not least, we need to align the fourth chakra (Anahata), this chakra is also known as the heart centred. According to Fondin, it is essential to keep our seven chakras opened, aligned and fluid.

Chant a mantra

Recently, I found out that chanting to a certain mantra helped me to ease the blockage in my 5th chakra. I was unaware that there was an issue with my 5th chakra until I worked on opening this area of my chakra. One of the exercises we did in class was chanting to a beautiful mantra by Santnam Kaur called ‘Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung’. I was amazed how a simple mantra can be so effective and so powerful. A few days later my sore throat disappeared and I got my voice back.


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