250h Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training

Creative Sequencing & applied Yoga Foundations

Do you love Yoga and would like to dive deeper into the philosophy behind it?
Would you like to understand asana from the inside out and learn about the energetic principles Yoga is based on?
Are you excited to be a student again, re-discover hidden aspects of yourself, as well as creating meaningful connections with like-minded people?

This 7 months Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training is offering a well-rounded curriculum, comprised of Asana & Alignment, Creative Sequencing, the Foundations of Yoga, the Art of Teaching, Anatomy for Asana, Yoga Philosophy, AcroYoga and Ayurveda. We carefully arranged a total of 180 hours of contact-hours, additional 45 hours of self-study and homework and 25 hours of practical learning by assisting in 3 classes and teaching 3 classes.

A team of 7 national and international yoga teachers, dancers, physicians, movement therapists and vocal coaches are here to support you on your creative journey.

We firmly believe that there is a treasure hidden in all of us. A treasure that should be unveiled, explored and expressed. A creative force that is waiting to expand and grow. A potential that should be lived and shared. This Training helps you remember who you are and refine your connection with your creative power.
Together we will go on an intimate journey to unlock the hidden aspects of our Selfs. By linking the ancient philosophy of Yoga to our modern way of living, you will be empowered to shine your light out into the world. 



"The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say YES!"

by Elizabeth Gilbert