Wow, was für ein unvergessliches Erlebnis Yoga Flow in Kollaboration mit den Alnatura Bio-Supermärkten an dieser Traumlocation (barfussbar Zürich) anzubieten. In der grossen Gruppe von Yogis haben wir uns in verschiedene Formen und Positionen gebracht, zusammen gelacht & geschwitzt und den magischen Sommerabend gemeisam genossen.

Inspiration zu dieser 90min Yoga Flow Lektion mit Deddou war folgende Geschichte zur Bedeutung von Yoga*: 

"As a young prince, Arthur thought that the most enjoyable part of becoming king would be to role over his kingdom. The wizard Merlin decided that Arthur would benefit froma powerful lesson. He changed the boy into different people, animals and objects found within the kingdom, such as a peasant, a fish, a tree, the water, and a rock, so that prince Arthur could understand what it was actually like to be those different beings and things. Arthur's experiences gave him the much-needed ability to put himself in other's shoes. He began to understand that the most important job of being king is not to rule, but to serve.

Asana practice has a similar goal. We thake the shapes of the tree, the fish, the warrior, the turtle, and the sage si that we can begin to understand their essential natures. As a result we experience ourselves as more deeply connected with all of life around us. Through asana practice we can feel that our body is a microcosm of the universe.

Through yoga, we come to know the others as ourselves and ourselves as the other. The practice allows us the opportunity to dissolve the separation born from ego, along with the fear, cynicism, and isolation that sometimes go along with daily life. Feeling joy in coming to know the world, the journey of the yogi begins. *"

*aus Myths of the Asanas - The stories at the heart of the yoga tradition, by Alanna Kaivalya & Arjuna van der Kooij