My thoughts for fall 2018

Fall is here - and I am so excited for this season to carry us into a calmer & more introverted time of reflection, nourishment and self-care. 

In the past few weeks, I've already started to slow down, sleep more and adding self-care rituals into my week. This is also our invitation to you at POP UP YOGA, as our theme of the month is balancing Vata (you'll find 3 tips for that here).

Something I personally love doing to balance Vata - and just re-discovered recently - is reading poetry. Reading poetry is such a sweet delight to me. It grounds me, softens me and brings me more in tune with my "Yin", or moon side. 

In this letter, I would like to share a tender, yet powerful poem with you. 

Taking a few moments to savour these beautiful words, could be your ME time for today...


by Mark Nepo

Let us, when swimming with the stream,
become the stream
Let us, when moving with the music,
become the music
Let us, when rocking the wounded,
become the suffering

Let us live deep enough
till there is only one direction
and slow enough till there is only
the beginning of time
and loud enough in our hearts
till there is no need to speak

Let us live for the grace beneath all we want,
let us see it in everything and everyone,
till we admit to the mystery
that when I look deep enough into you
I find me, and when you dare to hear my fear
in the recess of your heart, you recognize it
as your secred which you thought
no one else knew

O let us embrace
that unexpected moment of unity
as the atom of God.
Let us have the courage
to hold each other when we break
and worship what unfolds

O nameless spirit that is not done with us,
let us love without a net
beyond the fear of death
until the speck of peace
we guard so well
becomes the world.

With love, 


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