When Tamara was here in February 2019, she shared the following text with her students. It is a great text, full of juicy nuggets of wisdom. Therefore I would like to share it here with you. It’s too valuable not to be shared!!


The source of all problems is the mind. 

Thoughts arise, you identify with your thoughts and this, then, defines your experience. 

So many thoughts arise and you are lost in them obsessed with them without you even knowing it. 

So many worries and troubles constantly arising and repeating, and though you may not be aware of all of them, you are none-the-less identified with them.

You are identified with the stress of it, the conflict of it and so that is your experience. 

Say you have to get your toilet fixed. 

You know you have to get your toilet fixed. 

But the thought repeats itself as a conflict until you resolve it. 

It sits on your shoulders like a hundred pound weight telling you life is not the way it is supposed to be until the toilet is fixed and then the stress will go away. 

And then the plumber says "I can't come until next Wednesday" and that hurts because you know you will have to carry around that thought, that conflict of "I have to get the toilet fixed" for another week. 

And there are thousands of them arising so fast ! 

Toilet fixed, doctor appointment, not enough money, your lover dumped you, you hate your job. 

You wake up in the morning from a state of deep peace and freedom from all identity and boom! 

The mind looks for something to identify with and there's the broken toilet, the doctor appointment, the empty space next to you that your lover used to fill, you hate your job, and you do not want to go to work. 

Thousands of others arise within seconds. 

And that's who you think you are, that is how you perceive life. 

Sure you get the good thoughts too but then that creates conflict and stress. 

You want one thought over the other; one experience over the other. 

And so the remedy is not to try and have one thought over the other, but to stop the identification with thinking all together. 

Whether through witnessing thoughts or placing your attention on what is here beyond thinking, it is to break that addiction of identifying with thoughts and rest as your natural state of being. 

To stop allowing thoughts to dictate your experience and instead discover what is truly here beyond the thinking. 


It is to realize your natural state. 

Because your natural state is love, your natural state is peace, your natural state is free of all of this, all of this. 

Do you realize that your natural state, your birthright, is not some superficial emotional experience but one that every cell is vibrating with in a changeless state of love and peace - 

a state beyond what mind could possibly comprehend?

And if you can taste that once, for one tiny instant, then you can do it twice. 

Then you can rest in your natural state for longer periods of time before being pulled back into thinking. 

And eventually, the duality between thoughts and peace ceases to exist. 

You begin to experience thoughts as energy. 

It's like you stop being involved with the lyrics to the song and simply enjoy the music, the simple beautiful joy of the music. 

The toilet still needs to be fixed but you're no longer wearing the toilet as if it were a hat. 

It no longer defines you. 

You exist completely free of all of it as unconditioned and unconditional changeless beautiful peace.

~ Kelsang Pelkyong