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Get stronger Challenge

3 day challenge to get ready for spring - with amazing prizes to win

I have been thinking about doing a challenge for a long time. But it never seemd the right time, or the right theme. The right idea was missing... and I wanted to challenge you with something useful. Something that would make a difference in your yoga practice. And most of all: would be fun doing! So here it is, our very first challenge to GET STRONGER in your yoga practice.

From Thursday 12th April to Saturday 14th April

What you need to know about our challenge:

  • Start date: Thursday 12th April
  • Duration of the challenge: 3 Days
  • You will receive an email each day at 6am with a new video showing you the Challenge  (yoga pose) of the day.
  • Do each video at least once that day (better, to do it 2x, morning & evening) and take a photo of you doing the pose
  • Share and tag this photo on Instagram to be eligible to win one of our amazing prizes

Simple, right? And pretty amazing. Because you won't just get stronger in your body, sweat a little and feel better - you might also get rewarded with an amazing prize.

Sign up to be part of the challenge and get ready for spring...

What happens after you sign up for the challenge?

Once you signed up for the challenge, I will send you inspirational & educational emails to motivate you and prepare you for the challenge. Furthermore I will give you all the infos you need for successfully getting stronger and reveal what prizes are waiting for you...