My personal inspiration for co-creating the Path of Yoga

As a life-long student of yoga and a teacher for almost 8 years, I have come to know that most of our yoga practice is actually “off the mat” and not necessarily “on the mat”. In other words: The most valuable teachings of yoga are supporting me in my everyday life, bring more clarity to the way I perceive things, more patience and empathy to the way I interact in my relationships.

It’s not a specific asana shape that has added value and more understanding to my life - it’s mainly the other practices of yoga that have made a difference. These other practices of yoga are rarely taught in regular yoga classes. Not even in teacher trainings! This is why Uma and I have decided to bring all our skills, knowledge and life lessons into a 6 months program that supports you on YOUR PATH OF YOGA.

The next Path of Yoga starts on the 29th November 2019.


What you can expect

This is not a teacher training. It’s not a retreat or a workshop.

This is a program that supports you on your personal journey of life. So in a way it is a training - a training to deepen the connection to yourself, gain more understanding of underlying patterns of behaviour, a training that helps you to develope discipline and establish a daily home practice.

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What will you learn?

In contrast to a curriculum of a teacher training, here is a list of practices you will learn to integrate into your daily life:

  • Discover life-affirming, satisfying and accessible Philosophies from world wisdom traditions

  • Experience your energetic anatomy and deepen connection with yourself

  • Study Mythology and understand more about yourself through inspiring stories

  • Develop a nourishing & commited home Sadhana (practice) that evolves with your life

  • Learn about the cycles, rhythms and seasons of Nature and how to live as a woman in balance with life

  • Explore your creativity through voice work, explorative movement, dance and writing

  • Establish a daily meditation practice for more clarity, focus and connection

  • Learn advanced and subtle practices of yoga (pranayama, mantra, mudra,) and apply these ancient wisdom techniques to your every-day life

  • Learn how to restore your nervous system and regain more physical vitality and energy

  • Learn how to transform your most challenging experiences into a feeling of freedom and discover valuable tools to navigate the difficulties that arise in your life

  • Remember the intuitive wisdom of your body and your innate ability to heal yourself

  • Develop more emotional intelligence and feel in control of your emotions, feelings, unhealthy habits and negative thinking

  • Build resilience, strength and courage

  • Live with a greater sense of grace, elegance and depth


Get a free 5 day insight into the content shared in the Path of Yoga

It is quite hard for us to put into words the scope of what we are offering in the Path of Yoga.

That's why we created a mini-course comprised of 7 Emails that guides you through a series of relevant practices.
Like this you get a better sense of what we are offering in The Path of Yoga & what kind of content will be shared.