Yin Yoga & Meditation 3-Day Intensive

Guest Teacher: Kamadevi Carla Zürcher

This Weekend Intensive has a total of 9 hours practice over 3 days. You'll establish a stronger foundation of how the mind functions – the patterns of what we call the lower mind or ego – and how to cultivate the higher mind or state of consciousness.

Discover Meditation

This 3-day Yin Yoga & Meditation Intensive is suitable for yogis that have foundation in yoga and wish to go deeper. Gaining understanding and experience into what meditation is and therefore the purpose of yoga.

This supportive balance between theory and practice shall inspire you into a greater state of inner harmony. There will be a lecture and questions period, grasping some of the non dual teachings of the great sage Ramana Maharishi , along with insights from Tibetan Buddhism. The Asana portion of our class with Yin Yoga – also known as Daoism Yoga – will deepen your awareness of the insights (knowledge) received through the experience of holding asana’ s for a longer duration.

You will be given specific tasks to do outside the workshop hours, as a supportive means of integration – to assist in developing perception, becoming more mindful and able to cultivate this innate state of inner-harmony.

What you'll get from this Intensive

  • You'll gain simple and effective techniques to tame the mind and maintain a meditative awareness
  • You'll get authentic yogic knowledge and essenatial tools for meditation and asana
  • Support on your path of true inner peace, contentment and yogic awakening
  • You'll learn to cultivate an innate state of inner harmony and wellbeing

...these are just some of the benefits experienced.

Date & Time:
1. - 3. Juni 2018 / FR 1. Juni from 18 - 21 Uhr, SA 2. & SO 3. Juni from 9 - 12 Uhr
Location: Yoga Tribe, Rüdigerstr. 17, 8045 Zürich
Price: 240 chf for all three days, 80 chf for only the first day

This Intensive is suitable for beginners as well as advanced yogis.

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Full program

DAY 1: Friday
• Silent seated meditation
• Introduction and questions: OBJECT AND SUBJECT - Understanding how we situate ourselves / for greater observational processes
• Yin Yoga / Shavasana
• Maha Yoga Pranayama (chakra cleansing and energy awareness) - Practice of silent seated meditation, with invocation into Higher Consciousness and Inward Awakening

DAY 2: Saturday
• Silent seated meditation
• Mindfulness through wisdom / discussion: The purpose of meditation
• The essence of yoga - DHARANA (concentration), DHYANA (meditation), SAMADHI (deep absorption)
• Ramana Maharshi - SELF-INQUIRY and non-duality
• Yin Yoga / Maha Yoga Pranayama / Shavasana
• Silent seated meditation

DAY 3: Sunday
• Silent seated meditation
• Walking meditation (Zen Buddhism)
• Yin Yoga / Maha Yoga Pranayama / Shavasana
• Closing silent meditation

Kamadevi Lotus Mudra Zim.jpg

About Carla Zürcher (UK/ZW/CH)

Carla Zürcher otherwise known as Yogini Kamadevi was born in England, her father being Swiss and mother British-Zimbabwe. Her parent’s separation and her father’s work with the United Nations permitted her to travel and hence develop her passions in the fields of Yoga and Art. She began Yoga classes at 15 years old, following workshops held by the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar foundation with training in the Kriya Yoga system accompanied with the practice of silence to go deeper into states of personal reflection. 

She has taken part in studies and workshops in pranayama techniques, the 8 limbs of Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantric philosophy, Kundalini Yoga and dynamic breathing with authentic and traditional masters. These experiences have supported her deepened understanding of consciousness, mindfulness and how these practices are a key to heightening inner contentment. Through this Yogic journey she has been able to discover her own methods of teaching and transmitting the way of Yoga and holistic living. This has been enhanced, by being a certified Reiki practitioner, along with completing on numerous occasions the Vipassana ten-day silent mediation, created by Dr. Goinka.

When in Varanasi, known as one of the holiest cities in India and internationally reputed for its University of Sanskrit, Carla met Parmatma Oshi Guru Devi. Being received by Oshi Guru Devi as a Spiritual Mother, Carla was initiated as Kamadevi. This pinnacle brought a turning point in Kamadevi’s Yogic growth and she continues to meet with her Spiritual Mother pursuing time for contemplation and the transmission of Yoga.