I need your help

Unfortunately, I'm not very good at reading people's minds (not having this siddhi yet ;) or predicting the futuređź”® (this one either).

That's why I ask you for your help. Do you have a few minutes to spare?

Would you answer a few questions for me?

As a thank you I will give away 1 big present (value 178fr) and 6 smaller presents (value each 79fr). As you can see, chances of winning, aren't too bad...

Just click HERE and give me your opinion. Why?

Because I wanna hear you. Your voice matters to me.

I want POP UP YOGA to be a yoga brand that listens. To you. To students in our classes. To each and every one in our community.

Thanks a lot in advance and good luck! We will notify the winners via email. Please participate by the 4th February to be considered for the raffle.

With love,