Corporate Programs

A variety of programs to suit your needs

Corporate Yoga & Nutrition Program


    In partnership with Sandra Mikhail, clinical dietition and founder of Nutrition A-Z, we offer you a range of seminars and workshops, we can toiler to your comany's needs.

    Learn to incorporate healthy eating habits and different methodes of relaxation in a two part workshop, consisting of: Corporate Health Essentials and Yoga, Mindfulness or Meditation

    This can lead to:

    • Improvement of staff health, mood and energy
    • Improved immunity egainst illness
    • Improved mental & emotional clarity
    • Increased staff productivity


    Feel good programs


    Deddou offers you a carefully selected range of "feel good" programs for  employees, clients or team, including:

    • Corporate Yoga Classes (for beginners or mixed levels)
    • Team-Building Yoga
    • Office Yoga Workshops
    • Mindfulness Trainings
    • Workshop on breathing techniques to cope better under stress
    • Introduction to Meditation
    • Introductioon to Yoga Nidra (a form of deep relaxation)

    The programs can be taught in Swiss German or English.

    Please contact us to learn more about our unique "feel good" offerings via the contact form below.


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