… When you reach a destination without remembering the actual driving of your car before you got there.
… When you find yourself in a yoga pose without remembering the exact movement pattern of getting into it.

It is a lack of consciousness. A blind spot.

This class is all about conscious transitioning, about being completely present of E-V-E-R-Y little step we take. Presence, not control. It is about moving with grace and keeping the focus, bringing light and lightness into your practice, while surrendering in this ever changing world. No Yoga pose is completely static. The practice is getting into the pose nicely, staying in the pose without loosing track, coming out of the pose with no hurry. Its a flow and you can go with it!

Come learn, observe and enjoy yourself in the space-time-continuum of Yoga Asana practice!

Reni will guide you through a 90 min Yoga class that is inspired by the latest trends in mind body science, antique meditation techniques and the principles of Therapeutic Vinaysa Krama Yoga:

Will be explored in class:

- Natural breathing as the guiding principle of movement.
- Harmonic transitions between yoga poses.
- Flowy and liberating sequences.
- Reprograming of habitual movement patterns (up and down dog, coming into asymmetric poses, backbends with correct hand-shoulder-heart alignment)
- First steps to self-healing and heart opening.
- Dharana: concentration practice, keeping the focus.
- Meditation in movement

Date: Wednesday 16th March - 8pm - 9.30pm
Location: UG Räffelstrasse 11, Binz 8045 Zürich
Price: 30 chf

Please bring your own mat and register in advance to secure your spot HERE