POP UP YOGA Lehrer Team



POP UP YOGA Teacher, since September 2016

Debora’s yoga path started fifteen years ago when she was a student in dire need of relaxation during exam periods. At that time she was looking for something that clears her mind and helps her handle stress better. Debora found that in her yoga practice and discovered that her body holds a true strength within itself that she had not been aware of before practicing yoga.

Yoga has been a part of her life ever since, on and off the mat and so she had developed the idea of passing on this wonderful feeling to others. Since 2016 she completed a 200 hours teacher training and a 50 hours training in Inside Flow at Inside Yoga as well as a 150 hours training in Creative Sequencing at POP UP YOGA.

Debora aims to connect body and mind through flowing yoga movements. She wants to encourage all of her students to find their individual paths and change their lives for the better through yoga.



POP UP YOGA Teacher, since January 2018
Roberta only teaches in English

Roberta's yoga path started in 2013. Before that she was doing a variety of sports, such as body bulding and crossfit. Even though lifting weight was a way to relax, Roberta still felt highly stressed and nervous in her day to day life. For years a friend of hers had tried to convince her to try yoga. But she never thought herself to be the "Yoga type", since she assumed it would be too calm for her. Her first yoga class proved her wrong, and she realised that yoga was indeed the one thing she needed.

Thereafter Roberta tried different styles of Yoga and finally fell in love with the Vinyasa Yoga style. For her it is the perfect combination of calming herself while moving her body with awareness. It gives her the chance to let all the mind-chatter go and balance her state of mind through the sound of her breath, the movement and the music. Yoga changed Roberta's life and the completion of the 250h Teacher Training, offered by POP UP YOGA, helped her to get to know herself even better. For her Yoga means freedom - freedom to be herself.



POP UP YOGA Teacher, since October 2017

Madlen’s first contact with yoga was in 2013 while traveling. A fellow traveller helped her release her back pain with a yoga session on top of a volcano. As soon as she got back to Zurich she started going to yoga classes at the gym. The calm and happy feeling after every class had her hooked. She began to try out different yoga studios and styles and was soon introduced to POP UP YOGA through a friend. She has been going to POP UP YOGA’s classes regularly ever since. She continued to deepen her practice and completed the 250h Teacher Training at POP UP YOGA in 2017.

For Madlen, Vinyasa Flow combines Yoga with her love to dance and to be creative on the mat. She loves that Yoga does not only make her body feel good, but more so calms her mind, gives her confidence and makes her feel more balanced off the mat. The connection of movement, breath and music is a powerful tool that she shares with her students and intends to put a smile on their face.




POP UP YOGA Teacher, since October 2017

Sabine fell in love with yoga in 2011 when she decided to give it a go at the studio where she originally did Pilates. Within 2 weeks she tried every class on the schedule from Ashtanga, to Kundalini to Power and Yin Yoga. Soon Vinyasa flow classes with the connection of movement, breath and music became her favorite.

Through yoga Sabine found a new desire to move and learned that whatever happens in life, to come back to the mat, gives her precious ease. So, when Sabine moved to Zurich last year and was examining how to continue on her yoga path, she decided to dive deeper with the 250 hours teacher training by POP UP YOGA and is now happy to share the love, light and wisdom yoga offers in her classes.


POP UP YOGA Teacher, since January 2015

Since Marlene was a young girl, she loves to move and dance and has almost tried everything from Ballet to Jazz dance to Hip Hop to Rock 'n Roll. In 2008 Marlene attended her first yoga class in a gym. Shortly after her introduction to yoga she realised that yoga was not only a physical excercise, but it also made her feel extremely good and she felt a lot more balanced in her day-to-day life.
In summer 2014 Marlene completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Hawaii Yoga Institute. Since then she is constantly trying to broaden her knowledge and has attended workshops from Adam Husler, Patrick Beach, Thomas Arta and more. In January 2015 Marlene started teaching her Yoga Flow on a regular basis at POP UP YOGA. She enjoyes to explore her creative expression in her yoga practice and loves to share her passion in her POP UP YOGA classes.