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Class Schedule




Our Workshops & special Events

We are proud to offer you an ever increasing line-up of carefully selected Workshops in Zürich, but also other cities in Switzerland. To unroll your mat and participate, we kindly ask you to book your spot in advance. You might get better rates when you pre-pay for your workshop and your spot is guaranteed.
Please note that by purchasing your ticket in advance online, you agree to our terms and conditions (AGB's).


Workshops & Events im Oktober

MO 23. Oktober, 19.30 Uhr, schwarzescafé LUMA Westbau

Yoga & Gong Bath Meditation

Experience yoga as a way of life: In this 2h Workshop with Leo Cosendai (CH/UK) you will start with physical yoga (asana), working on the mindfulness of the breath and the ability to concentrate whilst in motion.

Afterwards you will de-stress the body and mind with a set of pranayama practices (working with the breath), followed by a Gong bath meditation using the potent sounds of the instrument to re-tune & nourish the chakras and our entire energy system.

During the workshop you will go through most of Patanjali’s limbs of yoga whilst learning tricks and techniques that you will be able to remember and take home with you to make your life experiences richer and more balanced.

Date & Time: Monday 23. October, 19.30 – 21.30 Uhr
Price: 49 chf pre-pay online, 55 chf for Drop-In cash
Location: schwarzescafé / LUMA Westbau, Limmatstr. 270, 8005 ZH

SO. 29. Oktober, 10 Uhr, 25hours Hotel Langstrasse


Weekend Session mit Yoga & Frühstück

Was für einen Start ins Wochenende: 75min Yoga Flow mit Deddou gefolgt von einem grandioses Frühstück im NENI vom 25hours Hotel Langstrasse, mit grossem Buffet inkl. Heissgetränken und Säften.

Hier anmelden ...

... und dann einfach: Wecker stellen, Matte schnappen und mit uns ins Weekend starten!

Datum & Zeit: SO. 29. Okt. von 10 - 11.15 Uhr Yoga, danach Frühstück
Preis: 57 CHF cash (Yoga & Frühstück im NENI)
Location: 25hours Hotel Langstrasse 150, 8004 Zürich

Workshops & Event im November

SO 5. November, 17 Uhr, Hotel Atlantis by Giardino


Candlelight Yoga

We invite you to a Candlelight Yoga with live Music at Atlantis by Giardino. This gracious, delightful Yoga class will be sprinkled with Yoga Flow elements and Yin Yoga poses. Deddou, the Yoga Teacher, designs this yoga experience to support you feeling extra balanced and peaceful. Eliana Burki, internationally known musician, will take you on a journey through sound by singing with her amazing voice and playing a variety of instruments to soothe your entire being. Be prepared for a truly magical experience. 

Ayurveda Dinner Special: Enjoy a light, ayurvedic 2 course meal after the Candlelight Yoga at the Hotel's restaurant Hide & Seek for only 39 chf. Please contact the restaurant directly with the keyword "POP UP" to book your table (tel. +41 44 456 55 44).

Date & Time: SO 5. November, 17.00 - 18.30 Uhr
Location: Hotel Atlantis by Giardino, Döltschiweg 234, 8055 ZH
Price: 35 chf (pre-pay online)


Workshops & Events im Dezember

Yoga & Brunch X-mas Edition

Die Kombination der besten 2 Dinge auf der Welt: Yoga und Brunch.

Deddou führt dich an diesem Sonntagmorgen durch einen aktivierenden Yoga Flow, lässt deine Sinne erwachen und vitalisiert deinen Körper und Geist. Voller Frische geniesst du danach in den lichtdurchfluteten Räumen vom Collab einen herzhaften, gesunden Brunch im Kreise von Freunden und neuen Bekannten. 

Yoga Flow von 10.00 – 11.15, anschliessend Brunch

Datum & Zeit: Sonntag 17 Dezember, 10 Uhr
Location: Collab Zürich, Pfingstweidstr. 10, 8005 Zürich
Preis: 57 chf für Yoga & Brunch

Bitte sichere dir deinen Platz im Voraus und nimm eine Yogamatte mit. 

Wir freuen uns kurz vor Weihnachten mit Dir das Jahr ausklingen zu lassen und im Kreise unserer Community einen Morgen mit Yoga & herzhaftem Brunch zu geniessen. 

Workshops & Events im 2018

MI 14. February, 19.30 Uhr, Herman's Wohnzimmer

MovMeant - Masterclass

with Cuchira (LA)

Emotional memory is stored in the mind-body. It lives within every crevice of our being. MovMeant Therapeutic Arts releases the mind-body of stored trauma to bring forth healing through a felt sense creative process. Not all feelings can be expressed verbally. MovMeant supplies a safe space to explore our emotional landscape by physically moving our way into our internal aura.

MovMeant will guide you towards reconnecting body-mind-soul by using various movement practices, explorative exercises, vocalization, breath and imagination to assist in your self-love journey towards a more peacefully connected you. 

This is a two hour movement workshop with Tamara Levinson as your guide. Tamara's guided classes and workshops are incredibly YOUnique. She guides her classes and workshops through intuitive teaching. Tamara has been teaching all styles of movement for over 20 years.

Date & Time: Wednesday 14. February, 19.30 - 21.00 Uhr
Location: Herman's Wohnzimmer, Herman-Greulich-Str. 56, 8004 ZH
Price: 50 chf (pre-pay online)