Online YOGA CLASSES & Courses

Our ONLINE YOGA SCHOOL supports you on your personal yoga journey and is accessible to you from anywhere, anytime.
Practice at home, on your holidays, at your office - your new online yoga studio is here for you 24/7.   #popupyogaeverywhere


„Am liebsten gehe ich zu Deddou ins Yoga, die nicht nur eine grandiose Lehrerin ist, sondern auch diese absolut einzigartige positive Energie ausstrahlt. Wegen meines eher unregelmässigen Alltags als Journalistin und Bloggerin ist es mir aber nicht immer möglich, alle Kurse von Deddou zu besuchen. Umso mehr schätze ich es darum, dass ich nun dank der Online Yoga School jederzeit und überall Yoga machen kann mit Deddou, deren wunderbare Ausstrahlung auch am Bildschirm spürbar ist. Namasté!“ - Katrin Roth, Basel, Journalistin & Bloggerin,

"For me, the audio lessons of this ONLINE YOGA SCHOOL are ideal. Once downloaded, the lesson is always with me. So I can enjoy yoga in another country, on the beach or in the forest. If I'm not sure how the movement works, I just watch the corresponding video. It's like having my private yoga teacher with me wherever I go."
-  Anna Dieterle, Zürich, Lehrerin

"Those who know Deddou‘s live yoga sessions will love the POP UP YOGA ONLINE SCHOOL. All others will be absolutely surprised at her positive vibes! It‘s amazing how Deddou shows and teaches her fabulous yoga flows in a perfectly understandable way. Even online you can feel her great passion about teaching yoga and showing how one can always take the next step forward. Personally I appreciate all those different possibilities and flows the online school has to offer. "
- Miriam Böger, Luzern, Hotelière,

Free content

In this package you'll find:

  • a 20min flow video with the corresponding audio file - I really like practicing only with the audio, once I know the moves and poses from the video.

  • my morning routine in PDF format to print & also in a 5min video

  • an additional 5min video where I share some well-being tips with you.

Language: English and Swiss German
These are the 2 languages I use on this platform.

inspiration for your yogic morning ritual

In this document, I share with you my personal morning ritual.

You will learn 9 vital steps for a joyful and balanced start into the day.

Enjoy this freebie & know that more life enriching content is waiting for you in this ONLINE YOGA SCHOOL.

Language: English

Get a taste of the teachings shared in the Path of Yoga here in this 5 day program

Together with Uma E. Knight I have created a Training program called “The Path of Yoga”. It is a celebration of the practices that have deeply impacted our lives & supported us on our own journey to healing, self-care and self-knowledge. In this 5 day program you’ll get a taste of the teachings shared in the Path of Yoga.

Language: English

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New ONLINE Course

Are you frequently exhausted from your job, but still have troubles falling asleep at night?
Do you get even more stressed just by looking at your to-do list, because it seems never ending?

This online course is designed to help you find more balance in your daily life and its content is divided into 6 modules.

1 – How to start a successful day
Develop your morning ritual, and incorporate a 20min Yoga practice, or a 10min meditation to start your day well.  

2 – Office Yoga
Feel spacious in your body and refreshed in your mind. Get 4 videos for short breaks during your day in your office chair.

3- Anti-Stress Techniques
It’s the small things that make a big difference! In this module you get 4 short videos to help you de-stress in little time.

4 - Lunch Yoga
Don’t let you body get stiff and tense. Move in your lunch break – I promise you, you’ll get fresh energy and a clear head for the afternoon. Move, stretch and strengthen in 4 Lunch Yoga classes each between 20 – 40 min long.

5 – Mindfulness
Learn what it means to be present, connected to the “now” with a clear mind. Get 2 PDF’s and 2 Videos to bring more mindfulness into your life.

6 – Sleep better
Good sleep results in high energy and vitality the following day, but also in smoother digestion, better immunity, faster thinking and improved problem solving skills. Get 2 tutorials, 2 evening yoga practices, and 3 guided meditations to help you relax after a long day and prepare for a restorative & deep sleep.

Plus: 3 additional Bonus Videos
on bringing more energy into your afternoon, aromatherapy for less stress & a tutorial on how to minimize jetlag

Price: 196 CHF // Language: English


Our signature Classes & Courses

Monthly Yoga Flow membership
with unlimited access to videos, audio content and pdf’s

If you would like to practice from home or anywhere you go at the time of your choosing.
If you would like to have a wide variety of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation & inspirational videos at your fingertips.

If you would like to practice with Deddou, founder and head teacher at POP UP YOGA, in yoga videos as short as 10min and as long as 75min. then this monthly membership is for you.

Language varies

3 Hauptübungen und 7 zusätzliche Videos mit weiteren Tipps zur richtigen Technik, persönlichen Inputs und weiteren Übungen

Wünscht du dir auch mehr Dehnbarkeit und Flexibilität in deiner Hüfte und den Hamstrings? In diesen Videos zeigt dir Deddou wie auch du zu mehr Flexibilität & Muskellänge kommst.

Dieser Kurs beinhaltet:

  • ein 24min Yoga Video, wo dir Deddou die 3 effizientesten Yoga-posen, um schnell mehr Flexibilität zu gewinnen

  • das dazugehörige Audio-File. So kannst du nach einer Weile nur noch das Audio hören und die Übungen machen

  • 4 zusätzliche Übungen

  • detaillierte Erklärung der Technik

  • 2 Videos mit persönlichen Tipps und Tricks

  • 1 Q&A Video

Sprache: Schweizerdeutsch

Get stronger in only 1 week

For most women it is more challenging to gain strength than flexibility in yoga. Are you one of them? I am. And this is why I came up with this course. During 7 Days you get one video per day that supports you on your journey to get stronger.

Video Content by Day:

Day 1 - Super Core, 7 min
Day 2 - Boost your inner fire Flow, 20 min
Day 3 - 3 Power Asanas for arms & core, 15 min
Day 4 - 3 rounds of breath of fire, 6 min
Day 5 - Crow Flow, 36 min
Day 6 - Preparation for handstand, 14 min
Day 7 - Preparation for arm-balance - 11 min
Bonus Days & Surprise!

Language: English

1-on-1 online yoga coaching

Trial: 30min Private Yoga Session
(video Call)

Have you ever received a private yoga session online? It's not only convenient, but it's also a great chance to work on your yoga practice, target specific questions and needs  - and do it at the time that suits you best!

I'm here to answer your questions and coach you on your personal yoga practice.

To get optimal results I recommend you choose a package of 4 or more sessions. Through continuous guidance over a few weeks,  you'll stay engaged and actively start to transform your practice and deepen your knowledge about yoga and yourself.

And the best? You get to keep the video of every call!

Please send me your questions / topics before the call via Email

Get started with a regular yoga practice

Do you see the value in working closely with Deddou, experienced yoga teacher to bring the wide range of the benefits of yoga into your life. Or would you like to start yoga but feel uncomfortable in a crowded group class? Would you like to practice yoga at home, but don’t know where to start?

Then I recommend you choose this package of 4 sessions, plus a bonus session.

Through a weekly session over a periode of 4-5 weeks you stay engaged and actively start to transform your practice, your body, breath and mind & deepen your knowledge about yoga and yourself.

In this package you’ll get:

Private yoga coaching: 4 sessions à 45 min

Bonus:  As a gift you receive 1 additional session à 30min for free (valued at 50 chf)

Please send me your questions / topics before the call via Email

Set goals and let Deddou guide you towards them in regular online yoga sessions

Are you excited to do yoga from your home while being guided & coached 1-on-1 by Deddou? Are you a yoga teacher and need inspiration for your home practice? Would you like to be coached in your yoga practice and your overall lifestyle over a period of 6-10 weeks?

If you are serious about bringing yoga into your daily life, I recommend the 8 sessions package.

Through continuous sessions over 6-10 weeks you’ll get extensive benefits out of this coaching, feel transformed and an improved overall wellbeing.

In this package you’ll get:

Private yoga coaching: 8 sessions à 45 min

Bonus:  As a gift you’ll get 2 additional sessions à 30min for free (valued at 100 chf)

Please send me your questions / topics before the call via Email