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The path of yoga


A 6-months immersion Program

Deepen your practice and transform your life

8. September 2018 - 10. March 2019
with Uma Elizabeth Knight (UK), Deddou Burkhard (CH)
for Yoga practitoners and Yoga teachers
Weekend-long workshops, online study modules and optional 1-on-1 mentorship
counts as 150 hours towards your 350h advanced Teacher Training


Created for teachers, students and anyone curious to learn more about Yoga and themselves, this program has been designed to foster self-care, self-love and self-understanding.


As teachers, students and seekers ourselves, who have been on our own healing journey, we recognise the necessity of self-enquiry and community, the value of support, reflection and guidance from others, and the power of living Yoga as a life path.


With the combined experience of two decades studying, applying and evolving the teachings, we are devoted and passionate about sharing the philosophies, the practices and the tools that have refined, elevated and completely revolutionized our own lives. Along the way we have come to understand how important it is to make this path your own; to find your tribe, your version of the Truth, your map home. We want to empower you in integrating ancient wisdom, with your own personal gifts, stories and insight. We believe that you are the teacher, the healer and the leader you have been waiting for.


Composed of weekend-long workshops, online study and ongoing mentorship, we will dive into progressive and important soul work. Much of the journey is about removing that which stands in the way, and revealing the layers of True Being in order to step into the fullest, clearest, most vibrant version of you.


Like the process of awakening, this program requires commitment, effort, desire and courage. We welcome anyone who is ready to learn, longing for healing and open to change. No previous trainings are necessary and you are not required to be a teacher of Yoga to apply.


What you will learn on this 6-months journey

  • Establish daily meditation and practice for more clarity, focus and connection

  • Create a committed, evolving home sadhana

  • Deepen your understanding of Asana (physical postures)

  • Learn intelligent sequencing for an empowered, personalised yoga practice

  • Learn advanced and subtle practices of yoga (pranayama, mantra, mudra)

  • Discover satisfying and accessible Philosophy

  • Learn about your energetic anatomy and apply ancient wisdom

  • Be inspired by Mythology, the power of story-telling and Archetypal teachings

  • Learn about the cycles, rhythms and seasons of life and how to live as a women in balance with nature

  • Study the healing arts and different wisdom modalities from around the world

  • Explore the Sacred Feminine and Masculine Principles that exist everywhere

  • Deepen the connection with yourself: embody self-love and develop true compassion

  • Join a tribe of like minded beings and be an integral part of our community

  • Learn how to restore your nervous system and regain more physical vitality

  • Learn tools for transforming your experiences of daily life

  • Discover different maps to navigate the challenges that arise in your life

  • Remember the intuitive wisdom of your body and your innate ability to heal yourself

  • Uncover and experience the real essence of who you are

  • Transform your relationships with others through the art of conscious communication

  • Develop emotional intelligence: Alchemise your emotions, feelings, unhealthy habits and negative patterns into positive change

  • Be supported in your personal healing and journey

  • Explore your unique expression through music, dance and writing

  • Reclaim your truth, your voice and your creative power

  • Live with a greater sense of grace, elegance and depth

  • Build resilience, strength and courage

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Journey through the 7 Modules


Module 1: Remembering our Nature:  10. September - 20. October

The Return to Self
Dinacharya and Universal Principles of practice
Energetic Foundations
Asana Foundations
Philosophy Foundations and Tantra

Module 2: Earth - Rediscovering your roots:
22. October - 11. November

Finding our way home & connecting to Source Embodiment practices
Self-care & Nourishment
Movement Medicine
Stability & Sadhana
Cultivating the element of earth in asana practice

Module 4: Fire - Alchemy & transformation:
3. December - 31. December

Stories and experiences as gateways to healing
Life as a teacher and courage
The class style : tapas
Cultivating the element of fire in asana practice

Module 6: Space - Personal path of healing:
28. January - 17. February

Creating sacred space, rituals, ceremony
Meditation in Depth & Visualisation
Exploring archetypes
Clarity for the path ahead: how to stay aligned
Exploring your mind, thoughts and thought patterns on and off the mat

Module 3: Water - Release & receive:
12. November - 30. November

Exploration of creativity, expression & movement therapy
Sensuality & Womanhood
Emotional Intelligence
The Sacred Feminine and Healing Arts
Cultivating the element of water in asana practice


Module 5: Air - Expressing truth:
1. January - 25. January

Vibration & vital life force energy (Qi)
Advanced Pranayama practices
Sound alchemy
The art of deep listening, conscious communication and creative expression
Cultivating the element of air in asana practice

Module 7: Radiance:
18. February - 8. March

The journey to bliss
Presence and The Power of Dharma
Liberation and leadership
Devotion and radiance
Creating harmony through your ongoing Sadhana


This 6-months immersion includes*

- 9 days of in person training
- 7 extensive online modules each à 3 - 4 weeks
- 4 scheduled group calls

Optional 1-on-1 mentorship support:
A total of four 1-on-1 mentorship support sessions:
4 calls à 30min and 1 private class in Zürich à 60min

*Please note that the main language of this Program is English.

counts as 150 hours towards your 350h advanced Teacher Training


6-months training program:

Price: 2’850 CHF

Including additional 1-on-1 Mentorship support:

Price: 3’150 CHF


Dates & Schedule

for in person training with Uma & Deddou:

8. & 9. September 2018
21. October 2018
1. & 2. December 2018
26. & 27. January 2019
9. & 10. March 2019

for group calls:

11. November
16. December
6. January
17. February

Group calls will take place on Sunday evenings

Training times

for in person training with Uma & Deddou:

Saturdays approx. 8.30 - 17.30
Sunday approx. 8.30 - 16.30


for in person training with Uma & Deddou:

Yoga Tribe K6, Nordstrasse 195, 8045 Zürich


Who we are

Uma Elizabeth Knight

Uma is a soulful and passionate teacher, healer and songstress, dedicated to the path of yoga and to sharing the philosophies and practices that have transformed her own life. She believes in magic, in the power of Love, in listening to intuition and in the uplifting potential of community.

Drawing from a decade of devoted studentship, her own healing journey and many years of teaching around the world, she is committed to and grateful for the privilege of guiding others along the courageous process of awakening and embodiment.

Uma’s classes, workshops and retreats are supportive, explorative, and they offer students a safe space for self-enquiry and creative expression. Known for her heart-felt presence, her sensitivity and her inspiring words, her hope is to offer others meaningful experiences where they re-connect to and remember the depth of who they are.


Based in London she teaches full time and hosts regular women's circles and events. As well as traditional and contemporary Yoga, she incorporates other modalities of healing into all her offerings, and has studied specifically Trauma work, Sufism, Qi Gong, Shamanism, Reiki, NVC (Non-violent communication), Sacred Dance, Sound healing and Feminine Spirituality.

From her former life as a music producer and BBC sound engineer, she also weaves her understanding of sound, harmony and vibration with her love of music and singing, encouraging others to find and open their voices.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find her growing flowers, plants and vegetables, reading poetry, trying to play guitar, drinking good coffee with friends or taking long walks in the local park with her love.

Deddou Burkhard

Deddou is an experienced, Zürich based yoga teacher and founder of POP UP YOGA. She teaches yoga, meditation and mindfulness to individuals in private setup’s, but also group classes, corporate seminars and online classes and is the main teacher for the 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Zürich.

Back in 2008 her life took a new direction as she found the path of yoga. First in South Africa and later in India, New York and Australia she began to explore yoga in combination with movement & dance. As a former dance teacher she was intrigued by the creative exploration that the practice of yoga offered her. Soon thereafter she discovered the connection between the outer flow and the inner dance of consciousness. Thus began her precious, life-long exploration of re-discovery, re-learning and re-thinking. Yoga offered her the necessary tools to examine her life, beliefs, her relationships to others and Self and gave her a fresh outlook to move forward.


"I love to fuse dynamic and dance inspired Yoga Flow elements with fundamental principles of therapeutic Vinyasa Krama to create an uplifting experience for a broad spectrum of yoga students."

Today Deddou’s students love her for her passionate and creative approach to yoga and her ability to explain complex yoga philosophy or energetic alignment in simple and highly accessible terms. Her yoga style is a graceful fusion of dynamic Vinyasa Flow elements sprinkled with therapeutic yoga poses and alignment-cues to not only lift body and spirit, but also bring meaning and grace into her student’s personal yoga practice. One of the hopes Deddou has is to inspire her students to re-discover their own creativity.

“There are forgotten treasures hidden in all of us. My hope is to inspire you to start digging. Digging for the gold, for the forgotten gems. Digging through past traumas & heartaches, letting them heal and the inner walls soften. There is no greater gift than fully living your potential, being you; simply, truly, fully you. Raw, vulnerable but strong and radiant.”

Who this program is for...


  • Do you sometimes feel the need to practice yoga at home and roll out your mat and then stand there with no clue what to do? Then this training is for you.

  • Would you like to understand and apply yoga on a deeper, holistic level? Workshops are no longer doing the trick, but a Teacher Trainings doesn’t seem to be the right fit either. Then this training is for you…

  • Have you done a Teacher Training, but still lack inspiration when it comes to your own home sadhana?
    Then this training is for you.

  • Are you longing for a supportive community of like minded souls to go on a yoga journey with you?
    Then this training is for you.

  • Have you been practicing yoga for a while, but still feel stuck in other areas of your life? Then this training is for you.

  • Are you looking to deepen your understanding of yoga beyond asana?
    Then this training is for you.

  • Are you ready to welcome more creative energy in your life and express yourself fully?
    Then this training is for you.

  • Do you sense the life changing power of yoga, but aren’t quite sure how to bring yogic practices into your daily life? Would you like to have the tools to create lasting, positive change?
    Then this training is for you.


Who this program is not for...


  • If you are purely interested in the physical aspects of yoga practice. This might not be the right choice for you.
    In this training asanas form but one of many tools on the path of yoga, self-healing and transformation.

  • If you like to be guided in your yoga practice and don’t aspire to have a regular home practice. This might not be the right choice for you.
    We encourage you to explore yoga from the inside out through means of self-enquiry on and off the mat and foster self-care, self-love and self-understanding.

  • If you like yoga primarily as a tool to stay physically fit & would like to focus on personal fitness. This might not be the right choice for you.
    We want to empower you in integrating ancient wisdom, with your own personal gifts, stories and insight. Composed of weekend-long workshops, online study and ongoing mentorship, together we will dive into progressive and important soul work.

  • If you are looking for mapped out sequences to practice at home. This might not be the right choice for you.
    We invite you to explore all aspects of Self with courage and unveil the deeper layers of  Yoga - a healing, transformative practice. We believe that you are the teacher, the healer and the leader you have been waiting for.

  • Healing is not always easy. It requires a great deal of patience, love and courage. If you are not ready to do the sometimes difficult work of self-enquiry or ready to step up into radical responsibility then this training might not be for you.




  • I have already done a 200h Yoga Teacher Training. How would this training benefit me?
    The main goal of Teacher Trainings are to prepare you to share the teachings of yoga with others. The difference with this program is the focus is on you. There will be more time for self-enquiry and you will be given a variety of tools to not just enrich your own practice, but more importantly, to apply in your life off the mat. We are able to make the work more personal to you. If you are a yoga student and would like to start practising at home on your own this will support you and if you are a yoga teacher looking to establish a more meaningful sadhana and get more experienced and creative with your teaching and offerings, this will empower you. The more we focus on our own evolution the more we can be of service to others in any capacity.

  • How is this training different from a 200h Yoga Teacher Training?
    Whilst we will practice, explore and experience the benefits of Yoga across the 6 months as you would in a teacher training, we will have more time to dive into philosophy, wisdom teachings, advanced practices and other modalities of healing. In 200hr trainings there are constraints and basics that need to be covered in order to teach yoga safely and effectively to others. This is a more in-depth course to offer you “beyond the norm”, to widen your perspective and support you to really apply the teachings into your daily life. For teachers or for anyone curious to know more, the topics covered in this program are to take your personal practice to the next level - not just physically, but on all layers of being. This course is not just to learn how to teach, but to understand how to live.

  • What are the requirements to join this program?
    Like the process of awakening, this program requires commitment, effort, desire and courage. We welcome anyone who is ready to learn, longing for healing and open to change. No previous trainings are necessary and you are not required to be a teacher of Yoga to apply. Some previous body work experience would be beneficial but is not a necessity. Healing is not always easy and in order to change, sometimes work is needed. It requires a great deal of patience, love and courage. If you are not ready to do the sometimes difficult work of self-enquiry or ready to step up into radical responsibility then this training might not be for you.

  • Can I join even if I know very little about yoga?
    Absolutely. Whilst we will share in-depth a variety of topics, we believe that the wisdom is accessible and universal. We will be exploring the foundations of philosophy and certain practices in order to experience more depth and the course is offered without requirements. It will be of benefit whether you are a new student of Yoga or a long-time practitioner. Some previous body work experience would be beneficial but is not a necessity. The main factor is that you are open to learn and excited about making positive change.

  • What if I can’t attend all of the in person training dates?
    The in-person training dates are extremely valuable for getting personal experience and support. Whilst they are essential for receiving the most from the course, we are willing to discuss options with you.

  • Do I get a certificate at the completion of this program?
    Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion if all dates and modules are attended. More importantly, there will be a closing celebration ceremony to honour the work, progress and transformation made across our time together.

  • How long do I have access to the online modules?
    You will have access to the online modules for an entire year, until September 2019.

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch. We are happy to help.




"What I have learned from my Training with Deddou will continue to influence my thoughts and experiences throughout the rest of my life. The Training was amazing! It was a challenging experience not only physically but also mentally & it allowed me to extend my yoga practice off the mat. It was a huge and transformational journey; spiritually, physically and mentally. " - Nora Guntli, Zürich


"Uma is simply amazing...A versatile teacher that with ease manages to get the best out of her students in a way that is supportive, nurturing and fun. She is truly connected with all parts of yoga, the physical and the spiritual and is one of those people that heal with their presence. A rare, rare gem..." - Ana Jakimovska - Sky News, UK


“My Training with Deddou was holistic and well-balanced. She makes sure to teach you all the essentials. Also, she successfully brings together the ancient knowledge with today’s scientific insights. There is a strong focus on being creative, playful and explorative but also on being safe, aware of your physical needs and correct alignment. “ - Sarah Linder, Zürich


Uma encourages me to explore the curiosity of sensation with myself; the dialogue between me and my body. She emphases fluid and natural movement, which leads to a feeling of truly embodying my progression. Her approach is both rooted in honouring the traditions she has studied so in depth and adaptive to the modern world. She uses astute observation, clear instruction and honest direction to show real sensitivity to where I am on any given day, often bringing a new and illuminating perspective I hadn’t previously thought of. Her deeply intuitive approach is not just one size fits all and this has assisted me with some deep work that has had real and lasting impacts on my life.” -  Jodie Scherr, Yoga Instructor, UK

Deddou is a wonderful teacher and you can truly feel how much love she put into creating this holistic Yoga Teacher Training. Her deep knowledge and long experience in teaching Yoga adds great value to the training. She created a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere that allowed each one of us to step out of the comfort zone and grow in our very own way. - Debora Menet, Zürich

Uma is a deeply soulful and attentive facilitator. She guides without judgment, with vulnerability and strength. As a teacher, she is willing to go where she asks you to go, to walk out first and share the depth of her process. She understands the pain and power of being a woman on this earth, and faces that challenge as a gift, with leonine tenacity and grace.
I had the opportunity to be guided by Uma in an international women’s circle, where she facilitated work that led to profound emotional releases. She is a courageous teacher, without ego and with a drive to serve others. She has an open heart and is capable of creating safe and non-judgmental space. She is skilled in deep listening and assertive, compassionate communication. I highly recommend. ” - RK Woerner, Political Activist & Artist, USA

"What my Training with Deddou foremost taught me is my self-practice: I felt lost at times because it was an intense and emotional 8 months of self-discovery but in the end, I came out of this Training with exactly the knowledge I came for. It taught me everything I needed then and everything I needed to keep moving forward.
And let me tell you during the course of the Training Deddou will become like a Mother, who's input you will deeply appreciate. She was the reason why I decided to join this Training. I wanted to learn from her and her view on yoga! You will be amazed of the knowledge she has and loves to share. If you are looking for a life-changing experience a Training with Deddou will open these doors for you. However, do not be fooled, it is a very hard working and emotional journey. You should be ready & open to embrace it." Vanessa-Naomi Moëlla, Zürich




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