Vitality Boost for office life

by Deddou from POP UP YOGA


Learn one time-proven methode to calm down your nervous system
When you feel stressed

Do you know the following scenario? The whole day has been very stressful and busy and now you are rushing through town to hold an important presentation. You are out of breath and your heart is pumping fast. Or you have a crucial meeting to prepare and you are very nervous about the outcome.

Change your day in 5 breaths

In this video Deddou shows you a very simple breathing technique to de-stress, center yourself and calm down your nervous system.

For more visit our online course Stress-Less: Office Yoga & Mindfulness.

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About the Teacher: Deddou Burkhard

After completing her first of many Yoga Teacher Trainings in New York, Deddou Burkhard started her own yoga classes under the label POP UP YOGA in Switzerland in 2012.

Today Deddou is known as a creative and passionate yoga teacher (800h YTT) in the local yoga community. She teaches yoga, meditation, tibetan healing yoga and mindfulness under the label POP UP YOGA in and around Zürich.

In order to make yoga more accessible to the general public Deddou launched an ONLINE YOGA SCHOOL in early 2018 and is the head-teacher and founder of a 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training based in Zürich.

Rising numbers of employees are suffering from elevated stress-levels, that lead to chronic exhaustion, poor digestion and a diminished quality of life. The practice of yoga offers us a variety of time-tested tools to better cope with stress and the challenging aspects of everyday life. In my Office Yoga classes & Corporate Mindfulness workshops I love to introduce easy & simple yoga and mindfulness practices that have long-lasting, positive effect.
— Deddou, yoga entrepreneur & teacher