Vitality Boost for office life

by Deddou from POP UP YOGA


Feel better in your body while at work

Learn 3 easy yoga tricks for better posture and more ease while you are at the office, sitting in your office chair: 

1 pose - Place both elbows on the back of a chair. Press the palms of your hands together. Walk a few steps back until your spine is long and in a horizontal position. Let yourself sink into your shoulders for a nice shoulder stretch. You will feel more openness and space immediately.
2 pose - With the opposite hand hold on to the edge of your chair. Use the other hand to stretch up and to the opposite side. While in the stretch make sure your upper body stays long and lifted (don’t sink forward with your chest). Stay in this pose for at least 5 breaths. Then change and stretch the other side.
3 pose - Easy and yummy hip opening pose: Bring your right foot over your left knee and start to lean forward as much as you can. Stay in this pose for at least 5 breaths and then switch legs. Be patient, the more you do this pose the more your knee comes down and the more you can lean forward.

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Rising numbers of employees are suffering from elevated stress-levels, that lead to chronic exhaustion, poor digestion and a diminished quality of life. The practice of yoga offers us a variety of time-tested tools to better cope with stress and the challenging aspects of everyday life. In my Office Yoga classes & Corporate Mindfulness workshops I love to introduce easy & simple yoga and mindfulness practices that have long-lasting, positive effect.
— Deddou, yoga entrepreneur & teacher