POP UP YOGA is a dynamic flow of asanas combined with uplifing beats, body mudras, breathing practices and fun. Our changing locations will surprise you - yoga in an art gallery, a nightclub, in the park or on a rooftop. Come and share your flow practice with us!

Generally classes are taught in swiss german. However, we are more than happy to do the class in english.

Our style is Vinyasa Flow with a creative twist and our classes are 60min, 75min or 90min in duration. They usually cost 30 chf.

We also offer Private Yoga Classes, Workshops and Events with guest teachers from all over the globe, Corporate Yoga classes and local and international Retreats.

For all enquiries please contact us.




Regular CLASS Schedule 


Alnatura Sommer Yoga 2017

Alnatura Sommer Yoga 2017


Alnatura Sommer Yoga

Juni – August 2017

Haben Sie Lust auf Yoga direkt am See, mitten im Gemeinschaftsgarten oder in luftiger Höhe auf der Dachterrasse? Unter der professionellen Leitung von  Deddou finden von Juni bis August wieder die beliebten Sommer Yoga Sessions der Alnatura Bio-Supermärkte statt. Dieses Jahr nicht nur an aussergewöhnlichen Orten in Zürich, sondern neu auch in Oerlikon, Winterthur und Bern.

Wir treffen uns nur bei trockenem Wetter und jeder nimmt seine eigene Yogamatte mit. Am Samstag starten wir um 10.00 Uhr und unter der Woche jeweils um 19.30 Uhr – Sonnenuntergang inklusive. Die Lektionen dauern 90 Minuten, sind für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene geeignet und kosten CHF 25.-. Von diesem Betrag spenden die Alnatura Bio-Supermärkte CHF 10.- an den Verein Samadhan, eine Frauenrecht Hilfsorganisation für Indien.

Melden Sie sich im oben stehendem Stundeplan an und sichern Sie sich Ihren Platz (die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt). Die ersten Daten werden am 23. Mai 2017 aufgeschaltet und es kommen laufend neue dazu.

Nächste drei Lektionen
- MI 23. August, GMZ Dachterrasse, Pfingstweidstr. 101, 8005 ZH
- DO 24. August, Hotel Banana City, Schaffhauserstr. 8, 8400 Winterthur
- SA 2. September, Fischers Fritz, Seestrasse 559, 8038 Zürich











We are proud to offer you an ever increasing line-up of carefully selected Workshops in Zürich, but also other cities in Switzerland. To unroll your mat and participate, we kindly ask you to book your spot in advance. You might get better rates when you pre-pay for your workshop and your spot is guaranteed.
Please note that by purchasing your ticket in advance online, you agree to our terms and conditions.

SUP Flow with Mabel

POP UP YOGA führt dich an eine sehr ungewöhnliche Location: nämlich auf den See. Wir werden in einer 90min Lektion mit der wunderbaren Mabel von SUP Yoga Zürich eine Yogalektion auf dem Wasser erleben.

Die Special POP UP YOGA Lektion kostet 45 fr (inkl. Miete Stand Up Paddeling Board) und findet an der Gearloose, Seestrasse 26 in 8703 Erlenbach statt.

Time & Place: Donnerstag 24. August, von 19 Uhr - 20.30 Uhr
Price: 45 chf
Location: Gearloose, Seestrasse 26 in 8703 Erlenbach

Die Lektion findet nur bei schönem Wetter statt. Wir informieren dich am Vortag, ob das SUP Yoga stattfindet oder nicht. 


Weekend Session mit Yoga & Frühstück

Was für einen Start ins Wochenende: 75min Yoga Flow mit Deddou gefolgt von einem grandioses Frühstück im NENI vom 25hours Hotel Langstrasse, mit grossem Buffet inkl. Heissgetränken und Säften.

Hier anmelden ...

... und dann einfach: Wecker stellen, Matte schnappen und mit uns ins Weekend starten!

Datum & Zeit: SA. 9. Sept. von 10 - 11.15 Uhr Yoga, danach Frühstück
Preis: 57 CHF cash (Yoga & Frühstück im NENI)
Location: 25hours Hotel Langstrasse 150, 8004 Zürich

Meditation Workshop with Uma

In this workshop we will explore ways to cultivate more sensuality, spaciousness and rejuvenation on and off your mat. There are a set of skills that you can learn that allow meditation to be a natural part of your daily life. The skills are similar to that of loving anyone or anything – ways of paying attention that open your being to greater connection, intimacy, wonder and joy.

We will go over various techniques that are simple and enjoyable – meditations with breathing, with sound, with vision, motion, touch, vocalisation, smell and even taste.

These approaches originate from the classical yoga text, the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and are inspired by the work of Lorin Roche, one of Uma's primary inspirations and teachers...

Date & Time: Sunday 10. September, 10am - 1pm
Location: schwarzescafé LUMA / Westbau, Limmatstr. 270, Kreis 5 ZH
Price: 75 chf (pre-pay online), or 80 chf for Drop-In and paying on-site

A sensual Yoga experience with Uma

A 2,5 hour experience of Aromatherapy and a Blind-folded Yoga practice guided by Uma Elizabeth Knight.

In this workshop we will dive into accessible, sutble and luxurious meditation techniques and through breathing, attention and intention, invite the concept of being sensual as a primary principle of practice, on and off the matt. To enhance this, we will move through a grounding yoga practice, blindfolded, so that you can focus on slowing down, feeling, smelling, and where to move from the inner light of your heart, without distraction.

Please bring something to wear as a comfortable blind-fold during the movement portion of the workshop.

Date & Time: Monday 11. September, 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm
Location: schwarzescafé LUMA / Westbau, Limmatstr. 270, Kreis 5 ZH
Price: 65 chf (pre-pay online), or 70 chf for Drop-In and paying on-site

Join us for 3 exciting workshops with Adam Husler on Saturday 23. / Sunday 24. September in Zürich. Book workshops individually or in a package.











250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

In the first week of August we will publish all details about our next 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training in "CREATIVE SEQUENCING & APPLIED YOGA FOUNDATIONS" that is scheduled to start in January 2018. Wanna learn how to use more creativity in your own practice (video with POP UP YOGA founder Deddou)  and share the philosophy of yoga with others, then this might be for you. Send us an email to be the first to get all infos and the application form.

Dive deep into yoga with like-minded people and learn creative sequencing with Deddou and her team of national & international teachers :


After getting a solid foundation by working with the lower 3 chakras in June and the 4th chakra in July, we now channel our energy into our 5th Chakra to find our own expression in life. Let's use our voice, our creativity, our breath and our bodies to show the world who we truely are! Learn more in our classes and on our Blog.